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Thales in the United Kingdom

Exploiting technology for the Nation’s benefit

In an ever more contested and volatile world, we help to create the security and stability that make sustainable progress possible. Providing the UK with cutting edge capabilities, we support national resilience and competitiveness on the world stage.

About Thales in the UK

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Thales in the UK

We are devoted in our role as a strategic supplier to the UK, enhancing the nation’s resilience through reinforced supply chains and over £1bn of complex projects that we deliver each year to safeguard our society.


Giving our customers a competitive edge with proven global technology

The markets we operate in

You’ll find us in the air, on the ground, on the surface and in the depths of the oceans, orbiting the earth and cyberspace too. Our solutions cover defence, security, aerospace and space in the UK.

What we stand for

Proudly contributing to a safer, more sustainable UK


Pursuing and actively implementing corporate social responsibility is imperative at Thales. Based on rigorous social and environmental principles, alongside a continual commitment to the highest international standards, together we’re ensuring our operations are undertaken ethically throughout the company.


Working on the things that matter to the nation

Careers at Thales

Build the future you want with us!

UK Suppliers

Working together to innovate and succeed, building a future we can all trust

An ambitious and innovative supply chain is essential to our operations. Suppliers play a crucial part in meeting the needs of our customers, so it’s only right that we invest in, and nurture, strong, lasting relationships.

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