Since the founding of our consultancy business in 1989, we have delivered the highest standard of technical and business change consultancy to clients who work in the most complex technical and regulated environments.

Our global network of over 1500 technical experts offers unparalleled insight where you need it, and our long experience of business and management consultancy across the most competitive sectors:
  • Defence
  • Aerospace
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Government
means that we support our customers when they need it most.

Every organisation seeks to improve. More efficiency and more value is always there, but so too is more risk. Whether you’re looking to master transformation, manage your cyber risk or improve the skills and experience available to your programmes and projects, we will support you at every step, from planning your bid to completing the project. Thales's Cyber and Consulting business – Unique. Global. Insight.


Our reputation is not based on offering pre-packaged management services; we work with you – listening before we speak – to deliver the outcomes you need.

Thales's Cyber and Consulting business works across the most complex sectors today - meaning that, whatever your challenge, we are here when you need us.

We offer you access to our global network of experts; we are the trusted partner you need to control risk and to manage change; and, for the most complex environments, we will support you in achieving full service provision. We know that every business, every challenge, needs changed thinking: understanding your challenges is what we do.

Our approach depends on your requirements, and is built from three interlinking elements.


Our global team of experts help you better understand your environment, your operations, and your business: We are partner and solution agnostic, which means that we support you to develop and deliver where you need to in the most advantageous manner.

Whether you need enhanced expertise in cyber security, Intelligence as a service, Strategy and Architecture, Transformation and Change, or a Bespoke Consulting challenge, the Thales Cyber and Consulting team is here to provide you with the improved capability you need to find and apply the right solutions.

Trusted Partner

Our clients know the value of the independence of Thales's Cyber and Consulting business. Our clients look to us as a group and as a voice that they can trust in partnership. We know too that partnership means shared work and shared success, and that both speaking and listening are crucial to achieving results together.

Full Service Solution

Every operational environment involves multiple challenges: do you have the time, the expertise, or the experience to develop in the ways that you need to? With over 25 years of real domain experience, Thales's Cyber and Consulting business understands every part of your business and your context, and so helps you by providing relevant solutions and services you need now.

Perhaps your day-to-day operations are working in the ways you need, but there are some strategic challenges that need real expertise? Whether it’s your entire approach, or just one part of it, Thales's Cyber and Consulting business is here.
  • Offers
    Our comprehensive range of consultancy services and solutions ranges from data protection and trust management, cyber security consulting, architecture design to system certification, development and through-life management of products and services…
  • Consulting Capabilities
    Thales Cyber and Consulting knows that every client is different, and that sectors are increasingly overlapping; that is why we never simply offer off-the-peg solutions, but rather listen to how we can add value to your delivery and development goals…
  • Working with us
    Since the founding of our consultancy business in 1989, we have delivered the highest standard of technical and business change consultancy…

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