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05-08 November 2023, 9:00am - 5:36pm (UTC+1)
Egypt International Exhibition Center -
New Cairo, Egypt

Join our experts at TransMEA 2023

Join us at TransMEA


At Thales, we go beyond providing cutting-edge technology; we are committed to offering unwavering support for our valued customer and to contribute to Egypt's vision for a more efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transportation system. 

We look forward to welcoming you at TransMEA 2023 and discussing how our innovations can shape the future of transportation in Egypt.

Our Solutions

 During the event, our international team of experts will be showcasing innovative solutions designed to : ✅ Increase safety and reliability ✅ Facilitate access to transportation for a greener and more sustainable mobility ✅ Upgrade legacy solutions

SelTrac™ G8

SelTrac™ CBTC (Communications-Based Train Control) is our world-leading signalling solution for high-capacity urban networks.  

Customers who deploy SelTrac™ G8 can benefit from a lifelong innovation insertion, which is enabled through the new digital architecture. The new generation also provides extensive services to operate and maintain the systems more efficiently.

Data-driven Integrated Operation Control Centre

Our new data-driven integrated OCC is designed to meet our customers' big ambitions. All applications are seamlessly integrated on a single cybersecured platform. Deploying advanced digital solutions, like video analytics becomes easy. 

ETCS L1 – L3

ETCS is a vital pre-requisite for tomorrow’s interconnected future. ETCS enables precise train control, ensuring optimal speed adherence to safety protocols.  Aside from safe train operations, the focus is on efficiency, achieved with increased operational performance and lower energy consumption. 

Our concrete experience from ETCS projects helps our customers to select the optimum operating concept, to cut energy costs, reduce journey times and increase availability.


Discover our mobility platform at the heart of our mobility offers. 

Designed for multimodal transport in cities, TRANSCITYTM offers seamless travel through the different modes of transport, and is the cornerstone for MaaS integration and provide one ticket for the full ride in a mobility convergence environment.

Distributed Intelligent Video Analytics

Discover Thales new and powerful Artificial Intelligence product that monitors passenger density, and provides passenger guidance.

 It uses the existing CCTV camera network – on platforms and trains – to measure passenger density. Passenger density is calculated in real time using video analytics and passenger guidance is provided via platform displays. 


We are helping our customers to safeguard their operations by ensuring that critical systems are Cybersecured by Design. Combining our expertise in transport, artificial intelligence (AI), big data, and cybersecurity, our solutions facilitate maintenance and patching of railway systems, and ensure their longevity.

Essential security measures are to combine both protection and detection. Maintaining all security measure up to date increase the chance to prevent unknown attacks. These measures must be in line with security standards IEC 62443 and ISO 27001.

Driver Advisory System - GreenSpeedTM

Via digitalization and clever software, our goal is to support the ongoing shift towards sustainable, CO2 emission-free rail transportation for both passengers and freight. Rail is already the most eco-friendly mode of transport, but we aspire to do even better.

Our Driver Advisory System (DAS) interprets data and constraints to provide actionable driving advice, optimizing speed profiles within limits, while adhering to the plan. 

C-DAS takes it a step further by handling situations where the original plan is no longer feasible, accommodating new plans received from dispatchers to prevent surprises for drivers. This aids in maintaining smooth traffic flow and preventing network-wide delays.