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Biometrics Institute Congress

26 -27 October 2022
Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London


In the face of rapidly developing biometric technology and the constant evolution in the ways it is used, regulation and legislation have a hard time keeping pace, and public concern and confusion is on the increase. 

The upsurge in digital identity raises questions as to how to respond to biometric ID theft, fraud, deep fakes and misrepresentation.

The Biometrics Institute Congress, which is being held on 26 and 27 October at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in London, provides an independent platform for off-the-record discussion among the institute’s global multi-stakeholder community on topics ranging from digital identity and the state of biometrics to policy and governance. It attracts over 250 delegates, including representatives from government and the user community, such as retail, banking and aviation, as well as biometric suppliers and academics.

Thales – as well as being a Gold Sponsor of the event – is one of those delegates, and its long-standing expertise in biometric technology and identity verification enables it to make a significant contribution to the debate on responsible and ethical use of biometrics

Sandra Cremer Ph.D., Biometrics and Technology Leader at Thales Research & Technology in Palaiseau (France) is taking part in the Congress as a speaker in the segment on “Innovation for AI, spoofing, morphing and liveness”, with a presentation on “The Benefits and Challenges of AI Innovations for Face Recognition Systems“.

In addition, Thales will be presenting video demos of its Mobile ID, Fly to Gate, and ABIS solutions.