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The world's first true multifunction radar. APAR provides the capabilities required for the modern anti-ship missile threats.

APAR is capable of performing various tasks simultaneously; automatic detection and tracking of low altitude targets (e.g. seaskimmers), detection and tracking of air targets and the support and guidance of a very wide range of missiles. It is particularly designed to cope with the terminal guidance (ICWI) requirements of SM-2 and ESSM missiles. APAR is capable of guiding several missiles simultaneously to several threats. This unique capability has been demonstrated in various live tests.

The APAR antenna consists of four arrays, each array composed of more than 3000 very small radar transmitter/receiver (T/R) elements. The combination of T/R modules in one array can generate narrow beams that can be pointed in any direction within a cone of about 120 degrees in azimuth and 70 degrees in elevation. Combined, the four arrays cover the full 360 degrees. Switching from one beam to another can be done very rapidly. The use of so many T/R modules gives this radar unique performance and high operational availability.

The inherent agility of APAR guarantees a high performance in the most adverse conditions, under severe electronic protection measures, and is very useful in the gathering of more specific information about detected targets,

APAR is operational on the four "De Zeven Provinciën" class frigates of the Royal Netherlands Navy and on the three "Sachsen" class frigates of the German Navy. APAR is under contract for the three Patrol Ships of the Iver Huitfeldt class that are currently being built for the Danish Navy.

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