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Thales is a major player in security incident response and is currently in the last phase of qualification as a security incident response provider (PRIS) regulated by France’s national agency for information system security (ANSSI). Qualification to the ANSSI baseline provides customers with assurances as to the provider's security incident response capabilities and expertise. Earlier, Thales was selected by ANSSI to test the baseline requirements as part of a pilot programme.

Our cybersecurity experts have more than ten years of experience serving large corporations, critical infrastructure providers, essential service providers, governement agencies and administrations. Today, Thales is ideal partner for responding to any kind of cyber attacks or malicious activity on your information systems and networks.

Our multi-disciplinary team of consultants is certified by ANSSI as a PASSI provider (audit and consultancy services) and can be deployed in record time to our customers' premises in France and internationally. With the latest tools and technologies and a wealth of expertise, this team provides efficient cyberattack resolution and remediation solutions to help you cope with the rise in malicious cyber activity in recent years.

In the event of a security incident on your systems, contact our team of cybersecurity experts:

Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 7.00 pm

> Email :

Thales SIX GTS France, 20-22 rue Grange Dame Rose, 78141 Vélizy Cedex - France


Further information: