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Empowering OEM eSIM Strategy: Visibility, Testing & Streamlined Deployments

Addressing the requirements of eSIM OEM consumer and IoT

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Empowering OEM eSIM Strategy: Visibility, Testing & Streamlined Deployments

Discover how we help device makers tackle challenges in device usage visibility, testing, and IoT industry pain points. Gain insights to maximize your eSIM strategy and streamline deployments.

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Key operational pillars needed to prepare CSPs for the eSIM revolution

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Global eSIMs & iSIMs market 2024-2028

Thales has been recognized as the #1 eSIM/iSIM Platform Provider in Juniper Research's Global eSIMs & iSIMs market 2024-2028 report, amongst an impressive peer group of 18 companies.

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Gartner report: Hype Cycle™ for CSP Networks Infrastructure, 2023

Discover the advantages of eSIM technology offering enhanced standard connectivity for IoT and mobiles.

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Measuring the importance of the eSIM in the mobile market

Survey Report - published by Mobile World Live in partnership with Thales

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Cryptosmart for Mobile Network Operators

The ultimate solution for securing mobile communications and devices

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Want to deliver a seamless eSIM experience?

How Vodafone are driving growth through the broad adoption of eSIMs

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Are you ready for eSIM Discovery?

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Leveraging eSIM to address massive IoT deployments

For the consumer market eSIM has already achieved fast adoption and is gaining strong momentum in IoT segments such as automotive However, for the emerging massive IoT sector, characterized by its multitude of low power devices, significant opportunities exist for eIM.

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eSIM as a Service for Private Networks

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Thales Smart Profile Matcher

The smart approach to maximising your hit rate for eSIM subscription downloads

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Thales Adaptive Connect

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Acquire new subscribers remotely through agile eSIM solutions

Case study

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Thales On-demand Subscription Dashboard

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Connectivity Management and Security with SIM/eSIM (webinar)

Introduction to Private Networks. This mini-training video will provide a behind-the-scenes technology overview, on what makes SIM/eSIMs essential for efficient, secure & optimized Private Network connectivity.

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What is integrated SIM (iSIM) for Consumer Electronics?


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Telefónica Germany sets the pace with Thales eSIM subscription management platform

Case study

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eSIM Solutions: accelerating digital transformation for Mobile Network Operators

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Thales Cloud OTA

Enabling new 5G services - and more

Thales Cloud OTA
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Best practices for optimizing eSIM adoption

Learning lessons from successful Mobile Network Operators worldwide

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Thales eSIM Essentials

The remote eSIM provisioning solution packaged specifically for MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators)

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Subscription Manager - SMDS Connect (infographic)

Maximize eSIM activation of eSIM devices. An overview of the smart router: a single contact point to reach and activate a maximum number of eSIM devices. (Infographic)

SMDS Connect infographic [PDF - 500kb]

Subscription Manager - SMDS Connect (Whitepaper)

Building on the strong foundations of the GSMA’s eSIM Discovery Service, SMDS Connect can embrace all OEM proprietary Discovery Services. It, ensuring MNOs have the potential for 360° access to the fast growing market of eSIM capable devices.

SMDS Connect Booklet

Thales eSIM Subscription Management

Subscription management plays an instrumental role in connecting objects, from industrial M2M applications like smart vehicles to consumer electronic devices like smart watches. Discover main business drivers to have a GSMA compliant subscription management solution.

On-Demand Subscription Manager (PDF - 721 kb]

Infographic on connecting tablets on-the-go

A panel of consumers assessed a connected tablet with flexible on-demand subscription management.

Download the infographic to discover the key findings.

What Mobile Network Operators think of biometric voice matching to fight fraud

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Voice Biometrics

to fight fraud and to simplify remote authentication

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Biometric voice matching to fight call center fraud

A leading Mobile Network Operator is slashing the cost of call center fraud thanks to an efficient, flexible and unobtrusive solution.

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Thales DigitalTelco Suite for the subscriber digital journey (Whitepaper)

Providing smooth mobile-based subscription management

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Thales Trusted Digital ID Essential

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Thales Trusted Digital Telco (infographic)

Launch your digital brand in 4 months, onboard your customers in 3 quick steps and deliver a 100% digital customer experience.

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Thales Trusted Digital ID For Mobile Network Operators

Read more on Mobile app-based fingerprint checks

From manual to automated ID verification

Enabled by instant ID document and biometric checks - A Case Study of TIM Brasil

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Support a digital nation ambition

Through a full digital Identity verification service

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Trusted Digital Identity

for Everyone Everything Everyday

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How to deploy Digital Identity effectively - White Paper

In this white paper from Juniper Research, we look at how Businesses and Governments can deploy secure digital identities.

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Thales Trusted Digital ID - Document Readers for Mobile Network Operators

Read more on Document Readers for Mobile Network Operators

Thales Trusted Digital ID Fingerprint For Mobile Network Operators

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Thales Trusted Digital ID

Where robust ID fraud prevention meets a seamless customer journey

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The Digital Identity, solving the issue of Trust - June 2021

Trusted Digital Identities play in successful digital onboarding. This paper considers the essential pillars on which effective Trusted Digital Identity programs are built: capture and verification, a genuine presence and orchestration.

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5 Forces Driving Trusted Digital Identity

5 forces driving trusted digital identity, for MNOs, OEMs and Service Providers

​5 Forces Driving Trusted Digital Identity [PDF - 2.5mb]

The Consumer Perspective

Building trust in Mobile Apps

The Consumer Perspective [PDF - 4.3mb]

Weighing 'Soft SIM' and 'Cloud SIM' as IoT Connectivity Choices

Understand how to gauge their suitability based on 6 key criteria

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Can GSMA’s new framework secure cellular IoT?

Beecham research - Whitepaper

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How to Measure IoT Success?

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Addressing IoT Cyber Security through eSIM-based Scalable Trust

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Ruggedized SIM and eSIM for the IoT

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Trusted Digital Identity

for Everyone Everything Everyday

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Connected Drones

The central role of Mobile Network Operators in the commercial drone market

Connected Drones [PDF - 3mb]


TELUS and CIRA to implement the Thales IoT SAFE solution for a new country-wide security management system for IoT devices.

Read more on case study IoT SAFE TELUS CIRA [354KB]

Thales Radio Policy Management Platform

Optimizing Mobile Network investments for the IoT market

Download our Radio Policy Management Platform whitepaper

Hardware tamper resistant elements deliver scalable trust for IoT applications

Hardware tamper resistant elements deliver scalable trust for IoT applications

Thales IoT SAFE delivers scalable trust for IoT applications


Thales IoT SAFE delivers scalable trust for IoT applications [PDF - 182kb]

5G – With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility

By 2025, 5G is expected to reach 75 billion connected devices globally. On the new episode of Security Sessions from Thales Cloud Security, Neira Jones sits down with Prashant Deo and our 5G expert Chen Arbel to discuss the security challenges 5G presents.

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Data in Motion Security Through a 5G Infrastructure

White Paper

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5G Security

In 2020, Thales has run a survey tackling 5G Security towards mobile industry specialists.

Read the Next Steps for 5G Survey Report

A New Trust Model For The 5G Era

5G use cases will bring new requirements on the storage, compute and network domains and will introduce new risks to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of enterprise & user data. This White Paper provides Thales' recommendations to address these new challenges and build a new trust model for the 5G era.

Building a new trust model in the 5G era

Introducing 5G networks – Characteristics and usages

The fifth generation networks (5G) is currently under development and will hit the market at the horizon 2020. Compared with the current 4G LTE technology, 5G is targeting to reach both high speed (1 Gbps), low power and low latency (1ms or less), for massive IoT, tactile internet and robotics.

Introducing 5G networks – Characteristics and usages

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