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Connectivity & Cloud

Collect, store, disseminate and process data in real-time.

Information superiority has held the key to success in conflicts since the earliest of times and continues to do so today in conventional, asymmetrical and hybrid conflict scenarios. What has radically changed however is data’s volume, velocity, variety and veracity, and the capacities available today to exchange that data.

Combining connectivity and cloud capabilities is a game changer that enables armies to build a better operational situation awareness, better understand data and make better use of information to accelerate decision-making and the overall tempo of operations – all while denying your adversary the ability to do the same. 

Armies can rely on smart connectivity that is secure, resilient and protected, end-to-end and interoperable to collect and share information in real-time. They can leverage jamming capabilities to engage in information denial to preserve their information superiority.

These capabilities are force multipliers for armies and guarantee fluid command from the HQ to the soldier.

Our solutions

Land Communications

Thales provides Land Forces with high grade communication radios and solutions for missions in any type of environment and deployment.

Tactical Networks

Faced with multiple threats — terrorism, natural disasters, border tensions, etc. — Armed Forces command chain relies on deployable and tactical IT / communication capabilities to efficiently coordinate and conduct operations from command posts. Their tactical IT / communication solutions must be robust and easy to deploy and redeploy wherever and whenever it is needed.

Satellite communications

Critical communications between Command Centres and operational forces On-The-Move call for systems that are reliable, available and secure. With the transition to connected collaborative combat, satellite communications are the only way to guarantee long-range connectivity, strongly shortening the decision making process to a few seconds, and giving a major tactical and decisive advantage over the enemy.

Broadband PMR

Facing new threats, hybrid and secure 4G/5G systems enable more efficient, faster and more secure collaboration within operational staff. They can benefit from the ability, in addition to critical voice services, to exchange real-time multimedia data and take advantage of mission applications. Today, they are essential to protect critical infrastructures, secure major events and carry out critical civilian or military missions. This brochure presents Thales’ end-to-end broadband PMR communication systems and services.

Infrastructure networks

Armed forces rely on field-proven communication systems to securely transmit multisource information, in all circumstances. In peacetime and conflict, the resilience of infrastructure networks is vitally important for ensuring national sovereignty and the independence needed for critical decisions.

Nexium Defence Cloud

Data is crucially important in military operations today. The Defence Cloud gives armed forces the tools they need to analyse and share information in real time, from command centres in the homeland to units on deployment overseas. It enables them to make their digital transformation with the highest levels of security and speed up the decision cycle so they can maintain the operational edge.

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