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More than 40% of the world's airspace managed with Thales' solutions

Air Traffic Control

Boost ATC efficiency and flexibility

Ensuring sky safety today is becoming increasingly challenging. While before the aviation sector could develop on the basis of ever-increasing traffic flows, today the landscape for Air Traffic Management (ATM) has become far more complex. Unpredictable traffic flows, environmental demands, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), to name a few, all contribute to this complexity.

With the right degree of automation, and leveraging the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud and cyber security Thales can contribute to Air Traffic Control (ATC) efficiency and flexibility and act as a greener aviation enabler.

Navigating a complex landscape…

To ensure safe navigation through their airspace, Air Traffic Control Operators (ATCO) must know the precise location of an aircraft, both before and during the flight. Flight plans provide an initial overview of a pilot’s intentions. But full situational awareness is possible only thanks to a network of connected sensors providing ATCOs with real-time awareness. All this data enables flight deconflicting and, therefore, sky safety.

Yet the changing landscape of the aviation sector is placing increasing demands on Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) and ATCOs. In addition to ensuring safety and punctuality, ATCOs will also progressively be required to calculate flight paths that not only deconflict with one another but also limit environmental impacts. They will have to do so even as traffic flows become more unpredictable, and as UAS gradually begin to fill up the airspace.

Staying focused, in such complex environments, will inevitably become more challenging. ATC systems will need to become more flexible and automated in order to provide ATCOs with much needed support, gradually redefining their mission and that of ANSPs.

…with ease.

Supporting authorities responsible for the safety of our skies is at the heart of Thales’ ATC solutions.

Leveraging years of experience successfully implementing new technologies, Thales works closely with its customers and regulatory authorities to offer a wide range of solutions to boost ATM efficiency and flexibility.

Our products and solutions

TopSky - ATC and TopSky - Tower

These solutions leverage the latest advances in automation and Artificial Intelligence to support ATCOs in finding the best routes considering an ever-increasing variety of factors. They are respectively available for air traffic control centres and control towers.  

TopSky - Flow Manager

It is an airspace optimisation cloud-based solution that allows FMPs to take the smartest decisions to solve traffic imbalance by efficiently anticipating the most accurate traffic demand and weather conditions. 

TopSky - UAS Airspace Manager

It is a  cooperative plaform for safe and efficient low altitude airspace management, facilitating coordination and fast decision-making process between ANSPs, Law enforcement and communities.

TopSky – AIM

A complete and modular aeronautical information management suite. From origination to publication, traceable data chain of Aeronautical Information accessible from all ATM components.  

TopSky – AMHS

The most complete, reliable and scalable Aeronautical Message Handling System.  

TopSky - Sequencer

This solution reduces the environmental inefficiencies that can occur during arrivals and departures and optimizes runway capacity, at airports of all size. All thanks to fostered collaboration between Approach and Tower controllers. 

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