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TopSky - GéoTITAN® by CGX AERO* and ENAC

GéoTITAN® is an expert software application dedicated to the automated creation and the management of conventional or RNAV IFR trajectories and their protection areas.

GéoTITAN® main features: 

  • Database driven, minimal manual input, 
  • Geographical environment, user interface focused on procedure design works, 
  • Data quality and consistency checks, 
  • ·Automated geodesic computation, WGS84, 
  • Automated computation of protection areas, 
  • Automated computation of minimum altitudes from obstacles and DTM, 
  • Automated regulation checking, 
  • Flexible design with automated templates, 
  • Interoperability with standards and external systems: 
  • AIXM 4.5 and 5.1, 
  • Data4Flight® and AIM4Flight®.