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Unlock the power of global collaboration


Network of innovation

Unlock the power of global collaboration

As a key industry leader, Thales has been proactively preparing for changes since 2011 through the establishment of innovation centers worldwide. 

We are lucky to be sitting in some of the hottest innovation and technology hubs in the world. With innovation labs in Melbourne, Paris, and Singapore, aviation experts from various regions can collaborate on developing new concepts, test them in high fidelity environments and share lessons learned, enabling to introduce these evolutions more swiftly into the real system. Our goal here at Thales is to scale up the local ecosystem, both within Thales and to our global customers so one customer can benefit from innovation from others, and vice and versa. 

The ecosystem of Thales emphasises on open collaboration and agility, recognising that working together is key to unlocking innovation. By fostering partnerships between stakeholders in the Air Traffic Management , including industry, Air Navigation Service Providers , Air Traffic Controllers, and start-ups, Thales' global Innovation Lab network drives aviation innovations. 

Thank to this comprehensive network of stakeholders across the world, Thales aims to unlock the power of global collaboration.  

Together, they are propelling ATM innovation to unprecedented heights, harnessing the immense wealth of resources and expertise of its teams.  Through this collective effort, Thales is driving the advancement of ATM technologies and solutions, benefiting the aviation industry as a whole. 

Some key topics

At the forefront of all major modernization initiatives around the world.

Thales solutions help to make the skies safer, greener and more efficient. 

A key player in all major ATM modernization initiatives, ICAO Aviation System Block Upgrades (ASBU), SESAR and NextGen, Thales focuses on international harmonization. Our product roadmaps are aligned with ICAO ASBU concepts, NextGen and SESAR. 
Our strong involvement in all initiatives ensures that our solutions have been extensively tested, certified and validated. 

In the vast and complex field of air traffic control, innovation is our driving force.  

Our experts tackle a multitude of exciting challenges to shape the future of the industry. From green operations for more sustainability, to the management of drones through Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM), Trajectory-based Operations for maximum efficiency, and initiatives aimed at continuously enhancing safety and cybersecurity, we consistently push the boundaries to advance the industry. 


Conflict Detection Resolution

Controllers rely on a high number of tactical interventions and use multiple radar vectors, stepped climbs and descents in order to maintain separation between aircraft in high traffic situations. Through SESAR, Thales and partners are looking at ways of delivering more accurate predictions of present and future aircraft positions through the use of aircraft-derived data in order to reduce the need for so many tactical interventions. By enhancing the accuracy of conflict detection, SESAR aims to improve the provision of separation services during en-route phases of flight and in the terminal manoeuvring area.


CONCERTO: Dynamic Collaboration to Generalize Eco-friendly Trajectories

The CONCERTO project aims to make eco-friendly trajectories an everyday occurrence in order to reduce the CO2 and non-CO2 impact of aviation. The project aims to integrate green ATC capacity into the system, with the appropriate level of automation, and support stakeholders in balancing regularity and environmental performance at local and network levels. The project will do so by leveraging state-of-the-art climate science and data to allow ATM stakeholders to take their “eco-responsibility” to the next level. At the same time the project aims to demonstrate that mitigation measures can be deployed progressively at network level, in sync with scientific progress.


OpenSky Platform for open skies

The world of aviation is changing rapidly. The rollercoaster ride of the past two years, with unexpected highs and lows, has profoundly impacted demands on Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems. Flexibility, scalability, adaptability, and openness have come to characterise ANSPs expectations. These trends reflect the need for a significant shift in an industry whose main concern has always been safety for mission critical systems.


UAS Traffic Management

Welcome to the future of flight: a world where drones, also known as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), have become an omnipresent force in our skies, news, and markets. With our unmatched expertise as leaders in aeronautical solutions, we are paving the way for cutting-edge UTM systems. Collaborating with a strong network of partners worldwide, we offer top-notch, tailored solutions with comprehensive services, infrastructure, and software, designed to cater to your specific needs. Join us in shaping the future of aerial technology and embrace a world of limitless possibilities with UAS. 


Cloud-native platform designed for ANSPs

The ATM Twin project is a ground-breaking initiative that plays a vital role in developing future ATM capabilities. 

It is a cloud-native platform designed for ANSPs (Air Navigation Services Providers) to prototype, analyze live and historical data and improve their operations quickly and safely. By mirroring an entire ATM system virtually, air traffic controllers can engage in what-if scenarios , optimize their workflow and try new functionalities and configurations.

A whole ecosystem

Innovation thrives when brilliant ideas, talented individuals, and challenging endeavors come together.

Collaborating with customers, partners, start-ups and academias

At Thales, we foster these synergies by collaborating with an innovation ecosystem that spans both internal and external realms. This approach enables us to swiftly transform groundbreaking concepts into aerospace advancements, setting new precedents in the industry. Our partnership philosophy is characterized by openness and agility, enabling us to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of innovation with our esteemed collaborators. 

Our commitment to cultivating a strong network of brilliant minds enables us to push the boundaries of what's possible. We understand that a good network, both within our organization and beyond, serves as a catalyst for creativity and progress.  

By connecting the brightest talents and fostering meaningful partnerships, we harness the collective intelligence to address complex challenges and bring transformative ideas to life. 

At Thales, we take great pride in fostering a collaborative environment focused on innovation, where people from diverse backgrounds come together to envision groundbreaking solutions that shape a safer and greener future - a future we can trust. We firmly believe that behind every exceptional technological advancement lies the brilliance of human intelligence. 

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