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Air Traffic Management

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Better Skies Together

Whether skies are especially busy or not is almost irrelevant when it comes to safety. Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSP) have a duty to ensure that, from push back to landing, planes can travel safely in their air space at all times. And it is industry’s responsibility to support ANSPs in this critical task. It is its responsibility to not only provide them with Air Traffic Management (ATM) tools that help with traffic optimisation, but also guide them through a constantly evolving industry landscape.  

More than solutions, Thales offers services

Across its different ATM solutions, Thales leverages the latest technologies - such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud, etc - to provide ANSPs with flexible systems designed to quickly adapt to industry developments. More than solutions, Thales offers services so that, regardless of weather conditions and no matter the circumstances - economic, environmental or human resources - ANSPs and ATCOs can stay focused on their missions.  



NavAids installed around the world
radars in operation worldwide
Our ATM solutions manage
of the world's skies
aircraft take-off, fly and land using Thales' solutions
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Sky safety - anytime, anywhere, in any circumstance

A trusted partner of the aviation industry worldwide, Thales works closely with its customers to support them in keeping skies safe through:

Air Traffic Control

Leveraging years of experience successfully implementing new technologies, Thales works closely with its customers and regulatory authorities to offer a wide range of solutions to boost ATM efficiency and flexibility .

Navigation Aids 

To ensure that no false or absent coordinate risk compromising Air Traffic Management (ATM) within a given airspace, Thales offers a complete portfolio of Navigation Aids (NavAids) to support its clients, civil and military, ensuring safe navigation.

Global Surveillance

Building on years of experience successfully delivering a wide range of ground sensor technologies to both civil and military clients, Thales has developed both radar and non-radar surveillance solutions to address all customer needs and cover, according to their environment, a global surveillance for a safe and accurate airport, approach and en-route surveillance.

UAS Traffic Management

Leveraging years of experience as a leader in aeronautical solutions across the world, we’re paving the way for the development of advanced UTM systems

Working with our network of partners in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and France, we're developing best-in-class and tailored solutions with services, infrastructure and software, adapted to your needs.  

ATM Turnkey solutions

Establishing efficient and reliable Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems goes beyond sky safety. It is about sovereignty, about ensuring that within their national airspace, governments have the means to guarantee safety and security for a long-term vision. Whether for military or civil purposes (or both!), whether in specific locations or across a whole country, Thales teams navigate with their customers from design all the way to in-service support to deliver bespoke turnkey ATM solutions.

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