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End-to-end Sovereign Sky Safety

Turnkey ATM Solutions

Air Traffic Management does not start when planes push back from their position. It starts with the design of an efficient ATM solutions tailored to your specific needs. Yet this can represent a rather time-consuming, and at times costly, process involving several moving parts and agents. In fact, much like the multiple planes within an airspace, the development and implementation of an ATM system needs to be carefully orchestrated.

Leveraging decades of experience as a world leader in the development and delivery of ATM solutions, Thales works closely with its customers to deliver a system-of-systems tailored to their needs. Whether for military or civil purposes (or both!), whether in specific locations or across a whole country, Thales teams navigate with their customers from design all the way to in-service support to deliver bespoke turnkey ATM solutions.

End-to-end Sovereign Sky Safety


The safety and security of air passengers starts with the implementation of efficient ATM across a whole territory. This begins with accurately defining the needs to be addressed, in order to subsequently select all the moving parts. From designing the system’s architecture to selecting and installing the appropriate infrastructure and equipment, the process involves multiple actors - local and international - that require vetting, contracting, and managing. The whole process can prove to be time-consuming and costly.

Building on its experience developing, contracting and installing ATM systems worldwide, Thales offers its customers the possibility to acquire an ‘all-in-one’ solution. Acting as the sole point of contact for the client, Thales teams are responsible for orchestrating the whole process: from identifying and contracting local and international partners, to the production, infrastructure design, transportation and installation of efficient ATM systems.


… From design…

Designing an ATM solution is far more complex than simply selecting ATM solutions and installing them. It starts with understanding one’s needs and assessing the most appropriate options on the market.

Through its turnkey solution, Thales puts at its customers’ disposal highly qualified and experienced consultants that will work with them to understand and define their needs. Once specifications and requirements have been agreed upon, Thales’s experts support the customer in the selection of the most appropriate mix of sensors and communication technologies - both legacy and new.

Designing a solution is also about defining the system architecture that will most accurately reflect customers’ needs. This also includes careful consideration for operational deployment requirements, whether in one location or across a country, whether on a coast, in a jungle or on the mountains. Thales’ architects and system’s engineers work closely with customers’ technical and operational experts to design a solution that integrates legacy systems in a reliable, safe, and secured manner to ensure a smooth transition strategy to the new system.


… All the way to the first green light…

Selecting solutions and systems’ architecture is but one part of a complex process. Once the solutions have been built – whether by Thales or other national/international third parties – these have to be transported, installed and maintained. And where necessary, the legacy system must continue to secure the skies. Thales’ ATM turnkey solution offers customers the opportunity to see their solutions transform into a bespoke system-of-systems thanks to Thales’ civil engineers. Leveraging their extensive expertise installing and running ATM systems, these engineers work together with the customer to design and implement tailored civil work and infrastructure.


… And beyond.

But where it might be easy to assume that the work is done once the system is installed and ready for use, Thales’ teams see things differently. They work closely with their customers to run all the necessary tests, preparing all the transitions and train all the personnel to ensure that systems will run smoothly and efficiently from the start.

Just as importantly, Thales’ turnkey ATM solution offers interested customers the opportunity to focus on their core business while Thales teams ensure smooth operations throughout the system’s lifecycle. From predictive maintenance to repairs, these experts ensure constant target performance levels.

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