Accelerating smart metering with revolutionary IoT eSIM [PODCAST]

Petri Ounila, Director of IoT Devices at Aidon and Francis D´Souza, VP Strategy & Marketing for Analytics and IoT Solutions at Thales discuss the latest industry breakthroughs in cellular connectivity. They focus on how cellular innovations simplify daily operations for smart meter vendors, grid managers and DSOs. They also share their experience with the new, revolutionary IoT eSIM.

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Gemalto Smart Energy Solution Portfolio

The dedicated Smart Energy offer encompasses advanced connectivity and security solutions to connect and protect massive smart metering deployments over time: reliable cellular modules, remote connectivity provisioning, secure data exchange and device lifecycle management.

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Empowering DSOs to secure the Smart Grid

As the main actors for managing the smart grid, Distribution System Operators (DSOs) are central to driving the evolution of the new energy ecosystem. This whitepaper brings recommendations for them to build security at the very beginning of smart metering deployments. It is a guide to ensure data trustworthiness throughout the ecosystem and the success of the new energy digitalized world.

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Securing Devices in Advanced Metering Infrastructures

The whitepaper provides recommendations for Smart Meter and HES Vendors to deploy a secure AMI. It highlights identified limitations of current security efforts and best practices to improve cybersecurity while simplifying metering roll-outs.

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End-to-end Cybersecurity for Advanced Metering Infrastructures

Thales´s dedicated metering cybersecurity solution protect smart meters and their data. It helps the grid ecosystem to keep security at its highest level, while decreasing operational time and cost.

Cybersecurity for Critical IoT Infrastructures [PDF - 1.6mb]

Smart Energy 2.0

A 6-step infographic comparing traditional vs streamlined smart metering operations and how smart grid actors can benefit from the latest cellular connectivity breakthroughs.

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Revolutionising Smart Metering with Last Mile, Global Connectivity Solution

Thales offer dedicated IoT modules, a breakthrough IoT eSIM and agile lifecycle management tools to lay the foundation for resilience, efficiency and security of the grid.

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