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Land forces


Thales offers a whole range of information, operational and communications tools that defence professionals must have if they are to keep up with the incredibly fast evolution of land operations.

From optronics to software defined radio, from full command and control networks to missiles and vehicles, Thales is the only European defense contractor to offer a broad palette of solutions to help armed forces gain and maintain operational superiority.

We are spending billions every year to innovate and improve existing products and develop new ones. Our expertise in command and control systems has won the respect of customers worldwide, and given us an enviable leading position in the industry.

World-renowned reputation in land systems capabilities

We have a proven track record in land systems capabilities that’s built on our expertise as an original equipment manufacturer and prime contractor. We are proud to be the world’s leading system of systems provider.

Comprehensive tools for land forces

Our C4ISR systems offering for land forces includes:

Optronics, communications and identification means for soldiers
Vehicles and tools for vehicle support in all types of missions
Weapons systems and munitions
Tools and systems to protect personnel, equipment and installations.

Sub activities

Collaborative Combat

In a constantly changing world, subject to competition between states, the winner will be the one who knows how to make ‘the whole greater than the sum of its parts’ through what is referred to as “Collaborative Combat”.

Command, Control & Intelligence

In a contested environment, faster decision-making, better accuracy and greater efficiency are the keys to a decisive advantage for land forces in the battlespace.

Connectivity & Cloud

Collect, store, disseminate and process data in real-time.

Country & Force Protection

Protect soldiers and vital assets in out-of-area missions against a wide array of asymmetric and conventional air and ground threats.

Military Vehicle Solutions

Before we realise it, military battles will be fought by a single unified combat machine composed of soldiers, platforms, and sensors, all operating in complete synergy and in real time.

Collaborative artillery

Collaborative artillery emerges as a strategic solution, empowering military forces by optimising resources, fostering enhanced coordination and flexibility, strengthening protection measures, and leveraging battlefield transparency to outmaneuver and outlast the enemy.

Robotics and Drones

Unmanned systems are becoming increasingly essential to operations, whether to protect forces engaged on the front line, to delegate certain tasks or to create "mass effects". Thales has the expertise required to effectively integrate unmanned air and ground vehicles into the command and control systems of battlefield operations and to operate them in optimum safety conditions.

Augmented Soldier

Equipped with our comprehensive range of solutions, the augmented soldier can engage more quickly, more accurately, night or day, and in all environments, in order to neutralize even the most advanced threats.

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