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Stay focus on your missions while we focus on you

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More than a partner, Thales is the best ally to ensure business continuity and security of operations.

The landscape of the aviation sector is undergoing significant transformations. Increasingly unpredictable traffic flows, greener aviation, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), new cyber thread and fast advancing technologies are all contributing to creating a fast-changing environment of new opportunities and challenges. Keeping up with these changes is critical for sky safety.  

Thales Airspace Mobility Solutions builds on its technological expertise and close relationship with regulatory aviation authorities to provide clients with the support services and knowledge they need to keep moving forward, while they stay focused on their core mission. 


Stay focused on your mission…. 

As the landscape of the aviation sector continues to evolve at a significant pace, ATM needs to become more flexible and adapt.  

This means keeping up with the pace of technological change. New technologies - such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Cloud, etc - hold significant potential for Air Traffic Control (ATC), bringing more efficiency and flexibility. New functionalities may also be added to existing systems.  

As new technologies and increased connectivity make their way in the aviation sector, cyber security concerns will emerge. ATM relies on a large number of highly connected systems - including navigation aids and sensors - and cyber-attacks on any of these systems could have devastating consequences.  

Keeping up with the pace of these changes can be daunting for air traffic management actors (ANSPs, Cities, States, Airports, …), and ensuring that systems are up-to-date can be time-consuming. When the key mission is sky safety there is, however, very little time left for anything else.  


…while we focus on you. 

With years of experience in the aviation sector, Thales has developed strong relationships with all the key stakeholders. From regulatory authorities and ATM key players to technology organisations and start-ups, Thales can leverage its relation to the entire aviation eco-system to provide its customers with tailored service offers:

  • Continuity services to keep ATM systems operating at any time.  
  • Cyber security to ensure ATM systems resiliency to cyber threat 
  • Optimal operations to raise ATM Services 
  • Upgrade & Scalability to adapt and prepare the future 
  • Training and knowledge to maintain and enhance Thales customers’ skills level 

Sky safety is a critical mission and ATM customers should not have to focus on anything else. Thales’ tailored services offers peace of mind to its customers, so that they know that while Thales runs systems for them, they can run ATM. 

Customer Online

Thales provides you with an online portal available 24/7 to follow  your operations and access to updated and dynamic information, documents and catalogues.
You will also enjoy a user-friendly environment   and will benefit from a global network  with collaborative areas between users.

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