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Silicon Security



Detection IPs are key solutions to sense and respond to security threats ranging from fault-injection attacks - through voltage, clock, temperature, laser or electromagnetic pulses - to invasive attacks and side-channel attacks.

Active Shield

​​The Active Shield is a fully integrated digital IP protecting System-on-Chip (SoC) against tampering through a metal mesh sensor.

Electromagnetic Pulse Detector

​​The Electromagnetic Pulse Detector is a fully digital sensor against EM and body biasing fault injections.

LASER Pulse Detector

​​The LASER Pulse Detector is a fully integrated mixed-signal IP detecting bit-flipping attacks.

Mesh Sensor

The Mesh Sensor is a mixed-signal IP detecting the enclosure tampering by monitoring its resistivity level at multiple points.

Temperature Monitor

​​The Temperature Monitor is a fully integrated analog IP supervising the junction temperature (TJ) of the device.

Voltage Glitch Detector

​The Voltage Glitch Detector is a fully integrated analog IP intended to monitor the voltage supply so as to protect the system against fault injection attacks.