Voltage Glitch Detector

​The Voltage Glitch Detector is a fully integrated analog IP intended to monitor the voltage supply so as to protect the system against fault injection attacks.



​Dual-slope detection
Extended slope range
Configurable thresholds
Core and HV versions
Silicon proven​


Detection of the positive and negative supply voltage glitches
Two versions available:

  • monitoring of the external voltage (vcc) and ground (gnd)
  • monitoring of the internal voltage (vdd) and ground

Slope detection range: 100 MV/s to 2 GV/s (customized on request)
Adjustable detection threshold through a dedicated bus
Typical operating consumption current smaller than 2 µA
Typical setup time shorter than 2 µs
Operating junction temperature range: -40°C to 125°C
Typical silicon area smaller than 0.02 mm²
Silicon proven in 150 nm, 130 nm, 110 nm, 65 nm and 55 nm CMOS processes


GDSII stream and layer map file
Library Exchange Format (LEF) file
Circuit Description Language (CDL) netlist
VHDL behavioral model
Design specification