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Global eSIMs & iSIMs market 2024-2028

Thales has been recognized as the #1 eSIM/iSIM Platform Provider in Juniper Research's Global eSIMs & iSIMs market 2024-2028 report, amongst an impressive peer group of 18 companies.

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Thales, 2024 Company of the Year In the european cybersecurity for airport security industry

Frost & Sullivan - 2024 Best Practices Award

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How to deploy Digital Identity effectively - White Paper

In this white paper from Juniper Research, we look at how Businesses and Governments can deploy secure digital identities.

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Gartner report: Hype Cycle™ for CSP Networks Infrastructure, 2023

Discover the advantages of eSIM technology offering enhanced standard connectivity for IoT and mobiles.

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Automotive Insight Vehicle Cybersecurity Ecosystem Creates Partnership Opportunities

An overview of guidance and recommendations in the automotive cybersecurity ecosystem

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Providers of Verified Identity (KuppingerCole Report)

In the latest 2022 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass on Verified identity, Thales Digital Identity & Security was positioned as an Overall Leader with a triple recognition as Product leader, Innovation leader and Market leader.

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From Zero Trust to Confidential Computing

Claire Pitman-Massie, Thales; Mike Small, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole June 16, 2021: KuppingerCole webinar

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Webinar ABI Research /Thales - Mobile ID in the 21st Century

Demand for government-issued mobile identities continues to accelerate at a considerable pace. A focus on service enablement and access via digitization is now considered of fundamental market importance as governments aggressively look toward the mobile form factor in order to execute on their digitisation strategies. With the tipping point within the mobile identities market now fast approaching, it’s critical that ecosystem players, governments, and service providers alike understand what lies ahead.

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The Digital Identity, solving the issue of Trust - June 2021

Trusted Digital Identities play in successful digital onboarding. This paper considers the essential pillars on which effective Trusted Digital Identity programs are built: capture and verification, a genuine presence and orchestration.

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IDC Spotlight - How to protect your Organizations Future Revenues?

June 16, 2021 - IDC webinar

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Driving Successful Digital Identity Strategies

This webinar, conducted jointly with Thales, explores the adoption of digital identity verification, the need to orchestrate and the most effective digital identity verification strategies to pursue in the face of changing requirements. The session features a summary of Juniper Research’s findings in this market, insight into Thales’ solutions, and a wide-ranging roundtable discussion on the topic.

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ABI Insight - Real-World Triggers Impacting Your Business

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Gartner’s Market Guide for User Authentication

The authentication market changes rapidly. But Gemalto remains ahead of the curve.

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How is facial recognition evolving? Dimitrios Pavlakis, ABI Research

Industry Analyst Dimitrios Pavlakis from ABI Research defines facial recognition and its potential role in IoT. He also shares his vision on data security concerns and the need for regulations.

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What is the future for the commercial drone industry?

Trusted rollout for commercial drones hinges on regulation, cyber security, connectivity, and being able to process data from drones in a standardized way. Find out more with Peter Richardson, Research Director at Counterpoint.

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