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Automotive digital IDs

Building digital trust for enhanced convenience

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Deep dive into automotive cybersecurity regulation and best practices

With rising concerns in automotive cybersecurity, Thales supports vehicle manufacturers to understand the new regulation and how to design robust and secure architectures.

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Securing connected cars for your safety

The connected vehicle is at the crossroads of multiple stakes. Among those stakes, two are of particular interest to car manufacturers (OEMs), equipment suppliers (Tier 1 and Tier 2) and drivers: connectivity and cybersecurity. The development of the connected and, ultimately autonomous vehicle requires all types of embed reliable connectivity capable of withstanding the rigors of urban environments while supporting both critical systems and infotainment applications.

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End-to-End Cybersecurity for Connected Vehicles

Cybersecurity is complex and quickly evolving. Leveraging advanced and proven expertise in digital security and IoT, the Thales Trusted Key Manager provides car makers with support for digital transformation while ensuring the end-to-end security of the automotive ecosystem.

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End-to-end Cybersecurity for Advanced Metering Infrastructures

Thales´s dedicated metering cybersecurity solution protect smart meters and their data. It helps the grid ecosystem to keep security at its highest level, while decreasing operational time and cost.

Cybersecurity for Critical IoT Infrastructures [PDF - 1.6mb]

The Connected Car

How connectivity is revolutionizing the way we travel from A to B

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How connected cars are changing the face of the automotive industry

After a century of gradual upgrades to make vehicles faster and sleeker, digitalization and continuous connectivity are changing the face of the automotive industry and the very nature of transportation. Learn more in our series of articles and exclusive video interviews.

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