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Military Vehicle Solutions

Before we realise it, military battles will be fought by a single unified combat machine composed of soldiers, platforms, and sensors, all operating in complete synergy and in real time.

Real-time information has the power to keep a military force one step ahead and assured of victory. Technologies already exist to increase the combat effectiveness of soldiers, vehicles and sensors by fusing them into a single warfighting instrument, operating in complete synergy and in real time. We are entering the age of collaborative combat.

Land Forces gain a critical on-the-ground tactical advantage with collaborative combat. By networking combat vehicles and combined arm units with all the sensors and effectors they carry, forces can share information in real time and reduce the process of detecting and neutralising a threat to a matter of seconds.

Collaborative combat combines vetronics (vehicle and electronics), optimised firepower, smart sensors and software-defined radio to enable forces to engage in collaborative protection, observation and engagement.

The next generation of situational awareness sensors and self-protection systems significantly increase the survivability of vehicles and their crews. The new generation combat and command system, the Combat Digital Platform, delivers smart services for collaborative combat from brigade level to dismounted soldiers. Tactical levels benefit from combat cloud services including distributed processing and artificial intelligence to accelerate the decision-making process.

With collaborative combat, armoured combat vehicles combined with UAV/UGV and air support, become intelligent platforms designed to support multi-domain operations.



As a trusted partner of armed forces around the world, Thales offers unique capabilities with 80 solutions for military vehicles to help them achieve the most complex operations and enable collaborative combat in any kind of environment.

Mounted Combat Teaser

Our solutions

Vehicle Communication Systems & Vetronics

Combat vehicles turned into powerful mobile network nodes.

Vehicle Optronics

Land forces all over the world rely on Thales's comprehensive array of cutting-edge vehicle optronics solutions to help them complete their missions safely and effectively in a wide range of battlespace environments.

Vehicle Radar Sensors

Our radar sensors provide land forces with the right information on all flying, driving, walking or sailing objects, allowing them to take the right decision at any critical moment.

Vehicle Effectors

Thales develops and delivers accurate and efficient mortar systems & precision guided munition to support troops on the frontline.

Vehicle Protection Systems

Vehicle-mounted self-protection technologies to meet modern survivability challenges.

Power Management Systems for Military Vehicles

Thales Power Systems is a family of field-proven, smart approaches to harmonize and effectively run primary board systems and tactical payloads in military ground vehicles. Our solutions for both wheeled and tracked armored vehicles range from: Power Management Systems, Battery Monitoring Systems, and Power Distribution Units up to Customized Power Systems.

TopAxyz Inertial Navigation System for land platforms

Inertial Navigation Solution (INS) with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Ring Laser Gyro (RLG) for military land vehicle / artillery.

Protected Vehicles

Thales develops, manufactures and supports military vehicles you can trust with your life.

Land Forces Training & Simulation

Live, armoured fighting vehicle, command staff and small arms training.

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