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Fire Support

A comprehensive and scalable Fire Control System (FCS) to sustain high efficiency artillery operations, increase tempo of operations and achieve tactical superiority.

We live in an increasingly uncertain and violent world where conflict areas are spreading. As High-intensity conflicts are more than ever relevant, armies await new symmetrical confrontations Mworldwide in which artillery is key and almost systematically engaged. Maintaining control over sovereignty by sometimes using power becomes critical. During a conflict, the combat zone is a space of direct confrontation of forces, a zone of tension and rusticity where conditions are difficult.

To help Land Forces to accomplish their missions, Thales provides solutions to Armies worldwide based on digital transformation and collaborative combat covering the complete operational spectrum: from Headquarters (HQ) to combat area (platforms & soldier).

Based on the French programme ATLAS, Thales Joint Fire Support solution is dedicated for Field Artillery digitization and committed to embrace the full mission spectrum of a modern artillery force: intelligence, observation, secure communications, target acquisition, command, maneuver, counter fire and logistics keeping fire support missions at the heart of the system. 

Now the solution includes also Digital Aided Close Air Support capability and is interoperable with ASCA. Thales masters the entire fire support chain (sensors, command systems, connectivity, weapon systems and precision munitions) which requires the integration and collaborative engagement of joint and combined resources on all kind of platforms:

  • All weapons including MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System)
  • All acquisition assets and counter-fire radars
  • Traditional as well as smart munitions (including precision-guided munitions)
  • Digital integration with adjacent C4I and allied artillery systems
  • National, joint and allied interoperability with ASCA and NATO Standards

Our solutions

Joint Fire Support System

Thales provides solutions to Armies worldwide based on digital transformation and collaborative combat covering the whole operational spectrum: from Headquarters (HQ) to combat area (platforms and soldiers).

Ground Observer 12 (GO 12)

Ground Observer 12 is Thales’ answer to growing demands for a light-weight compact Ground Surveillance Radar.
This military radar system is convenient for battlefield, border, coast and site surveillance both by military/paramilitary forces or civilian users.

Ground Master 200 MM/C

The Ground Master 200 Multi Mission Compact is the most flexible radar on the market today. It supports a wide range of missions, including simultaneous weapon locating and counter battery, air surveillance and air defence. The compact design of the GM200 Multi Mission/C provides extremely high mobility, very short deployment times and ease of transportation.

Ground Fire

Ground Fire offers enhanced protection against a wide range of threats and provides our military with the most advanced and secure capabilities to maintain of airspace sovereignty with superior capabilities.

Mortar System Solutions

An adaptable and versatile indirect fire support solutions, offering long range with high precision and great operational efficiency.

Assault Rifles

Light, compact, accurate and reliable, the F90 and F90MBR assault weapon enables fast reaction times and rapid target acquisition delivering a clear advantage in close quarters combat.

TopAxyz Inertial Navigation System for land platforms

Inertial Navigation Solution (INS) with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and Ring Laser Gyro (RLG) for military land vehicle / artillery.

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