Secure Elements deliver scalable trust for IoT applications

Secure Elements deliver scalable trust for IoT applications

Thales On-Demand Connectivity

Getting devices connected via Remote eSIM Provisioning

Thales On-Demand Connectivity [PDF - 1.1mb]

Right size IoT data plans and save costs

The whitepaper offers IoT service providers and financial officers an overview of the IoT Connectivity Smart Saver solution: how to optimize IoT data plans in real time and reduce connectivity costs.

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Secure Elements deliver scalable trust for IoT applications


Secure Elements deliver scalable trust for IoT applications [PDF - 175kb]

Using Mobile Networks to Coordinate Unmanned Aircraft Traffic

Mobile Network Operators have a key role in supporting unmanned air traffic management for the commercial drone industry. In particular, cellular connectivity is the key enabler for beyond-visual-line of-sight use of commercial drones.

Find out more with the latest GSMA report

IoT Security: The Key Ingredients for Success

In the light of the challenges posed by IoT security complexity and the perceived cost of implementation, this whitepaper aims to simplify key concepts and highlight strategies for successful, cost-effective IoT security deployments.

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Connected Living 2025 Survey

An international study of consumers expectations for the future of mobile technology

Download the findings compiled into a special survey analysis report, Connected Living 2025

A Safer Internet of Things

Gemalto’s Guide To Making the Internet of Things A Safe Place To Connect

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Juniper Research lists Thales as leader in IoT Connectivity & Security technologies

Thales, has been recognized by Juniper Research, the respected industry analyst, as a key player in the global M2M sector. This leadership position is based on Thales' advanced capabilities and product offering for the industrial and consumer IoT markets, where Juniper predicts strong growth for eSIMs and remote subscription management platforms.

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IoT Outlook 2016 Report

Based on a survey on 900 telecom and enterprise technology professionals, this report gives you insight on IoT industry in general, its industrial applications, cellular networking challenges, network security and cloud computing potential .

IoT Outlook 2016 Report

Cinterion® AH3 Wireless Module

Global Coverage with HSPA+ Performance

Cinterion® AH3 Wireless Module

Cinterion® PDS5 Wireless Module

Highly Efficient 3G in a 2G Footprint

Cinterion® PDS5 Wireless Module

Starter Kit B60 User Guide

Starter Kit B60 User Guide

Value-Added Services for Consumer Electronics devices

Bring new use cases to market with Thales' embedded Secure Element and Trusted Service Hub

Value-Added Services for Consumer Electronics devices [PDF - 137kb]

Turning things on

With everything from smart homes to autonomous cars, the integration of connected technology in everyday life has become a reality. The Internet of Things can enhance our way of living. But before drawing benefit from these “things”, we need to turn them on first! Turning things on is Thales’ view on how the embedded SIM is paving the way for connecting these array of smart things, and bringing them to life.

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