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Augmented Soldier

Equipped with our comprehensive range of solutions, the augmented soldier can engage more quickly, more accurately, night or day, and in all environments, in order to neutralize even the most advanced threats.

Dismounted soldiers on the battlefield today face highly complex and fast moving situations, from insurgency to high intensity conflicts against well-equipped and advanced militaries. In such contexts, enhanced perception capability becomes crucial as an enabler to better understand the situation supporting faster and more accurate decisions, as well as higher survivability.

The augmented soldier is capable of utilizing data from connected equipment on the soldier, and sharing data with others through resilient radios to inform commanders of real-time information, locations, observations and threats.

Thales enables the land fighter to securely and easily use perception sensors or any battle assets and other resources seen as Internet of Battle Things to leverage more operational capabilities while prevailing in the OODA loop acceleration race. Providing the soldier with unsurpassed perception, that is our vision and our mission for the future. Seeing further, fighting smarter.

Our solutions

Soldier Optronics

As the age of collaborative combat dawns, Thales's connected optronics solutions are set to play a decisive role in gaining and maintaining tactical superiority on tomorrow's battlefields.

Soldier Communications

Software Defined Radio technology is revolutionising the field of battlefield communications, and Thales is recognised as an industry leader in optimizing Network Centric Operations.

Assault Rifles

Light, compact, accurate and reliable, the F90 and F90MBR assault weapon enables fast reaction times and rapid target acquisition delivering a clear advantage in close quarters combat.

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