How connected cars are changing the face of the automotive industry

After a century of gradual upgrades to make vehicles faster and sleeker, digitalization and continuous connectivity are changing the face of the automotive industry and the very nature of transportation. Learn more in our series of articles and exclusive video interviews.

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Understanding IoT Building Blocks

Francis D'Souza, Head of Strategy for Analytics and IoT Solutions, at Thales, explains the seven key characteristics that determine the make-up of every successful IoT product and talks through the confusing jargon that IoT creators will need to know in order to operate successfully in this market.

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IoT Lifecycle Management - Ensuring long-life device performance

Andreas Haegele, VP of IoT at Thales, gives important insights into how IoT beginners can equip their devices for the long-term by making sure they are versatile and secure.

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Leveraging IoT resources to accelerate deployments

Francis D'Souza, Head of Strategy for Analytics and IoT Solutions at Thales, gives a comprehensive rundown of how new entrants to the sector can piggyback on the variety of IoT success stories and use cases that are now available.

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IoT Security – Understanding key concepts

Francis D'Souza, Head of Strategy for Analytics & IoT Solutions at Thales, discusses the three key elements you need to consider when securing the IoT

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IoT Connectivity - How to choose the right technology

Andreas Haegele, VP of IoT at Thales, discusses the various considerations developers need to keep in mind when choosing the right connectivity for their device.

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IoT Business Needs & Key Principles

Francis D'Souza, Head of Strategy for Analytics and IoT at Thales, talks through the key considerations that will help you when starting your IoT project, to create a step by step plan of the key principles and considerations you need to cover.

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Help is just an eCall away

A pioneering European emergency-call system for vehicles.

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Secure, sustainable smart cities and the IoT

Smart cities aren’t just a dream of the future. Thanks to wildly innovative Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, many are already active and expanding rapidly.

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Unleashing the power of the connected car

Transform vehicles into secure mobile hubs with LTE connectivity, NFC keyless entry, embedded payments, eCall, Smart powertrain, V2V and V2X solutions.

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Smart manufacturing is driving the next IoT revolution

For two decades, Gemalto has been a trusted partner, helping customers Connect, Secure and Monetize their enterprise operations with IoT technology. In this web dossier, we'd like to share some of the best practices we've gathered to help companies interested in making the leap to "Industry 4.0."

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Silent authentication for a trusted, fluid & personalized consumer experience

Helped by powerful machine-learning systems, this technology helps build up a rich, multi-dimensional profile of each individual consumer. Behavioral biometrics and other context-based signals provide secure authentication for the ultimate in seamless consumer experiences.

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Understanding IoT Modules

IoT Modules come with a wide range of wireless technology standards and they provide a variety of features that can impact the success of IoT applications. So, how do you select the right IoT Module for your solution?

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How is the IoT driving change in the energy ecosystem?

Leveraging decades of IoT and digital security expertise, Gemalto offers a suite of technology solutions to Connect, Secure and Monetize the evolving smart energy​ ecosystem.

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