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Unlocking safe and scalable drone operations

UAS Traffic Management

Drone Traffic Management

The future is here: drones, also called Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), are everywhere - in our skies, in the news, on store shelves. 

From economic to social, the benefits they offer are endless. However, these benefits can only become a reality if UAS can fly safely and efficiently, Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Leveraging years of experience as a leader in aeronautical solutions across the world, we’re paving the way for the development of advanced UTM systems. 

Working with our network of partners in the United States, Australia, United Kingdom and France, we're developing best-in-class and tailored solutions with services, infrastructure and software, adapted to your needs.  

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Products & Infrastructures

UTM is more than just an app.

We’re building an integrated, aviation-grade and cybersecure solution that allows secure and optimized airspace access for drones. TopSky – UAS incorporates best-in-class technologies that have been developed based on decades of our leadership in air traffic management TopSky - ATC is trusted in more than 85 countries and in use to control 40% of the world’s airspace. Our comprehensive solution includes software, infrastructure and services aligned to the safety process. From one component to an end-to-end solution, TopSky – UAS will always be adapted to your specific needs. 


Going beyond infrastructure and technology.

With a system-of-systems approach, we help customers enable recurring operations within the regulatory and policy environment; meet aviation standards for safety, maintenance, and cybersecurity; enable use cases that result in measurable economic and societal value; and provide the foundational building blocks for future advanced mobility (UAM/AAM). We're demonstrating many of these capabilities today in various UTM initiatives worldwide.


Helping you flying drones.

We work with Civil Aviation Authorities and Air Navigation Service Providers to deliver priority UTM capabilities today, such as registration, authorization and geo-awareness, while ensuring that incremental capabilities can be added long-term for more advanced capabilities, such as tracking and deconfliction. 

TopSky - UAS Airspace Manager is specifically designed to facilitate your daily tasks. It reduces your workload by automating job approval requests whenever possible. It gives you the tools to master emergency situations: coordinate a Search & Rescue mission, close areas to drone traffic, complete or cancel impacted missions and ensure that the order has been received by the pilots of drones. It records data for analysis in the event of an investigation. 


To come up with the best UTM response.

Because each actor has its own expertise, we decide to get the most out of it and bring together the best solutions in order to deliver the project that best suits the client’s needs. Thus, we evaluate local, national, and global providers to come up with the right mix of capabilities that fulfill the concept of operations. Then, we mobilize our integrator skills to provide a single end-to-end solution.  


Nothing is better than the field.

As a leader in UTM, we offer solutions that have been tested and proven in multiple projects. We are also proud to have participated in the creation of drone ecosystems in Brétigny-sur-Orge and North Dakota.

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