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Mission-critical communications

COBALT Mission Backbone

Delivering sovereign mission effectiveness from HQ to tactical edge

Today's increasingly complex security environment calls on militaries to function with agility and interoperability across pan-domain operations. Modern warfare is also collaborative in nature. The flexibility to conduct operations with joint forces and with coalition allies across a connected digital battlespace is a must-have capability.

Leveraging operational benefits from the Core to the Far Edge

COBALT is the interconnected system of systems to meet the Canadian Armed Forces’ ambitious mission needs – now and into the future.

Truly Canadian, COBALT embodies innovation and collaboration, bringing together the best solutions from Thales and Canadian small- and medium-sized business to help you make faster, better choices in decisive moments. 

FMN compliant

Enables easy and secure collaboration with allies and across Canadian operational and tactical Command Posts.

Mission effectiveness

Speeds collaboration and strengthens security between vehicle platforms and soldiers in a contested and congested electronic environment.

Powers best-in-breed Canadian applications

Leverages commercial cloud technologies and open architectures, harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and integrating third-party applications.

Creating a Connected Battlefield

Giving Canadian Armed Forces the Digital Edge

Systems tailored to your needs

For brigade and above activities, COBALT offers you a Command and Control  Digital Platform, with C2 applications and collaborative tools.

For the brigade level, COBALT ensure you can  rapidly deployment of infrastructures and applications thanks to Nexium Defence Cloud.

For brigade and below levels,  COBALT offers you the power of a collaborative tactical Combat Digital Platform.

This ever-growing selection of applications and services allows you to tailor your systems to meet your needs. 

Strong partnerships with Canadian SMBs

COBALT Mission Backbone is always evolving, and by design fosters the growth of Canadian miltech SMBs to further develop and refine a sovereign C4ISR capability.

As a secure, restricted collaborative backbone, COBALT is a truly unique opportunity for pan-Canadian SMBs to distribute their advanced military technologies across a full spectrum – from the far edge to a sovereign cloud.

" We found a partner in each other to jointly pursue making exponential impact for good in the world. "
Cole Rosentreter , Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pegasus imagery

Get in touch with us

For more information regarding COBALT Mission Backbone, fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will be in touch to discuss how COBALT could meet your operational needs.

We would like to hear from you

At Thales we seek to solve real world problems with forward thinking solutions. 

COBALT Mission backbone purpose is to get you the information and tools you need to make your job easier. We would like to hear about a challenge you have had working with the current LCSS (Land Command Support System).

We can share how our solution solves this problem, or we can work with you to close the gap and develop the COBALT solution to address your need.