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Thales InFlyt Experience

Thales makes connected inflight entertainment simple, seamless and secure. We enable a best-in-class onboard experience with an amazing portfolio of inflight entertainment systems, the most advanced connectivity solutions, and digital services that connect and inspire people throughout their journey. From complete white-glove care to specific packages and expert services, we support airlines around the world with an exceptional customer service network.

As inflight entertainment and connectivity systems become more digitized and open, they also become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and other threats. As a leader in cybersecurity, Thales has built security processes and practices into the DNA of our development activities; and we work with our customers to securely deploy our solutions.

The introduction of new and disruptive technologies are creating more personalized, consumer-centric services driving a need for business to adapt to the evolving market demands. With a clear focus on critical transformative technologies, Thales is leading the way in this digital transformation.

Our strength at Thales is mastering this entire digital ecosystem to bring true and sustainable value to our airline customers and their passengers. We partner with you every step of the way to bring your vision to reality, making tomorrow possible today. 


InFlyt Experience 51 Discovery, Irvine CA 92618 ThalesInflyt.