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Collaborative Artillery

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary warfare, artillery plays a pivotal role in supporting combat units out on the frontline. Characterised by the resurgence of symmetrical conflicts and the persistence of asymmetrical threats, we are witnessing heightened levels of intensity in warfare.

Collaborative artillery emerges as a strategic solution, empowering military forces by optimising resources, fostering enhanced coordination and flexibility, strengthening protection measures, and leveraging battlefield transparency to outmaneuver and outlast the enemy.

In the domain of Indirect Fire, Thales's solutions cover the full mission’s spectrum of a modern artillery force operating in contested environments. From equipment supplier to mission system, Thales provides both sensors (radars and IFF, optronics, UAV, acoustics etc.), effectors (mortar systems, precision-guided munitions etc.), and mission systems (Fire Control, connectivity, C-UAV, etc.) to deliver complete and modular Joint Fire Systems. 

Through digital transformation and collaborative combat solutions, Thales supports armed forces in achieving their missions by interconnecting all the units. By connecting their sensors, effectors, and fire control systems via resilient and low latency connectivity, Thales enables forces to deter, intercept, or neutralise incoming threats, while ensuring their security and resilience.  

This collaborative approach enables land forces to accelerate their OODA loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) in the face of increasing uncertainties and evolving conflicts, boosting their chances of success 

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Our missions

Surveillance and target location

Mobile and stealth observation thanks to compact, deployable and resilient solutions

Our forward observer solutions present a comprehensive array of systems for Forward Observers (FO) and Forward Observation Vehicles (FOV), designed to enhance threat identification with unprecedented accuracy. Integrated into our Joint Fire Control System, our surveillance systems achieve heightened precision, extended range, and increased resilience for unmatched target acquisition. 

Ranging from mobile detection capabilities, deployable on-foot and portable on vehicles, all the way to discreet and secure Mini-UAS for longer ranges, Thales ensures optimal operation even in contested environments. 

Now deployable on telescopic masts, especially on FOVs, Thales’s Mast-Mounted Multi-Sensors, including radar, optronic cameras and laser range finders enhance our forward observation capabilities. Complete with a Tactical Electronic Warfare System, Thales’s offering ensures full situation awareness, including the electronic warfare domain. 

Together, these components form a cohesive and advanced suite of solutions for Forward Observers and Forward Observation Vehicles. 

Fire Direction Command Post

Artillery Command & Control ensuring fire coordination between all artillery units

In an era of intensified conflicts, field artillery operations require more than a simple Weapon Management system. Joint Fire Support is then more than ever critical in decisive moments. 

Thales Joint Fire Control System (FCS) is a comprehensive and combat proven solution federating all field artillery assets and interfaces, from gun level up to brigade level, in the Fire Direction Command Posts, while ensuring national, joint and allied interoperability with ASCA and NATO standards.  

Our Joint FCS, dedicated to field artillery digitization, is committed to embrace the full mission spectrum of a modern artillery force from target acquisition to engagement:  

  • Intelligence, Observation and Target Acquisition: Receiving information from forward observer and forward observation vehicle sensors, including UAVs, to accelerate the OODA loop.  

  • Secure communications: advanced and near real-time data communication means (HF and V/UHF links, satellite communication, line of sight…) while being able to leverage a defence cloud to maximize information superiority. 

  • Command: providing automated fire plans, real-time targets assignment and flexible reconfiguration of firing units, thus definitively improving kill-chain effects on the battlefield. 

  • Counter-fire: integrating both counter-battery sensors (radars, acoustics, …) and effectors (howitzers, mortars, rocket-launchers, combat aircraft, …)  

  • Close Air Support: providing Digital Aided Close Air Support (DACAS) capability ensuring Air-Land combined operations. 

  • Logistics: federating logistic assets such as replenishment vehicles to ensure the control and management of the artillery unit’s resources in order to guarantee continuous operational capabilities. 

In a nutshell, the Command & Control (C2) system is designed for artillery units and can be considered as the mission backbone of artillery operations. 

Rocket, artillery, mortar launcher solutions

Long range, accurate and mobile weapon systems

Our Mortar Battery Solutions provide cutting-edge capabilities, featuring 120mm vehicle-mounted mortars and rifled mortars with semi-automatic loading, providing long-range precision that is three times more accurate than traditional smoothbore mortars. They provide forces with a mobile fire support system, enabling them to deploy, fire and withdraw in few minutes (Shoot & Scoot).   

These mortars offer enhanced coordination and effectiveness on the battlefield. Complemented with our inertial navigation systems, our weapon solutions become fully resilient, enabling forces to operate in GNSS-denied environments maintaining up to date position, navigation and time for maximised fire accuracy.  

Comprehensive integration capabilities, especially with our Joint Fire Control System, make our Mortar Battery Solutions a formidable and versatile asset for modern military operations.