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The identity card program in Belgium

The keystone of e-Government

The identity card program in Belgium - [PDF - 2mb ]

Swedish ePassport and eID programs

A Gemalto contribution to the efficiency of Swedish Public Services

Swedish ePassport and eID programs [PDF - 3mb]

Republic of South Africa’s Smart ID Program

Meeting the vision of the Department of Home Affairs and the security needs of the country

Republic of South Africa’s Smart ID Program [PDF - 439kb]

Whitepaper: Passport to a more sustainable world

Improving the environmental credentials of identity documents

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Legal Identity Statement Paper 2023

Thales is committed to the evolution of Digital Identity Systems based on the notion of Unique Legal Identity also known as Foundational Identity. With this statement paper, we wish to share our vision, raise awareness among governments and support them in transition to digitalisation of their identity and economy.

The benefits of a Unique Legal Identity for Nations and Populations - A vision from Thales

Webinar ABI Research /Thales - Mobile ID in the 21st Century

Demand for government-issued mobile identities continues to accelerate at a considerable pace. A focus on service enablement and access via digitization is now considered of fundamental market importance as governments aggressively look toward the mobile form factor in order to execute on their digitisation strategies. With the tipping point within the mobile identities market now fast approaching, it’s critical that ecosystem players, governments, and service providers alike understand what lies ahead.

Watch the webinar
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Welcoming the Wallet

What the new European Digital Identity Framework means for citizens, governments and businesses

Download the whitepaper

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