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Collaborative Combat

In a constantly changing world, subject to competition between states, the winner will be the one who knows how to make ‘the whole greater than the sum of its parts’ through what is referred to as “Collaborative Combat”.

The strategic paradigm is shifting away from asymmetric warfare. With technologically sophisticated insurgents and the potential for high-intensity interstate conflict, armed forces today must contend with a less permissive environment than ever before. 

Real-time information has the power to give a military force a head start and ensure victory. Technologies already exist to increase the combat effectiveness of soldiers, vehicles, and sensors by merging them into a single combat instrument, operating in total synergy and in real time. This is Collaborative Combat.

As a pioneer in the field of Collaborative Combat, Thales is developing solutions to make it accessible and a reality from today onwards. Building on the four major pillars of digital technology: connectivity, big data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, Thales’s solutions ensure mission readiness and simplify complexity so that military personnel can focus on strategic and operational decision-making. 

By networking all the fighting vehicles and the sensors they carry, and thanks to vetronics and the use of high-performance SDR radio, information can be immediately shared and the entire process of detecting and neutralising a threat can happen in a matter of seconds.

The idea is to dominate the enemy with minimum of stress and effort. Collaborative Combat means going from commands based on reasoning to commands based on reflexes that rely on options analysed by artificial intelligence under the supervision of human operators who constantly remain in the decision loop.

With shorter response times, greater precision and optimised firepower, collaborative combat gives tomorrow's armed forces the edge, even when the adversary is numerically superior and has a better knowledge of the terrain. 

Thales’s know-how spans multiple disciplines, from building intelligence into all types of platforms to integrating these intelligent platforms into the combat environment based on a clear understanding of how they are deployed and operated in the field. Thanks to these capabilities, collaborative combat is already a reality.

General Bernard Barrera Land Defence Advisor

Our solutions

Combat Digital Platform

A new set of services and decision-making aids enabling real-time collaborative combat for land forces


Thales launches SYNAPS, the new broadband tactical software-defined radio family for collaborative combat.

Joint Fire Support System

Thales provides solutions to Armies worldwide based on digital transformation and collaborative combat covering the whole operational spectrum: from Headquarters (HQ) to combat area (platforms and soldiers).

Counter RCIED Electronic Protection

ECLIPSE Smart Electronic Protection System for vehicle and STORM-H for soldiers.

Early threat detection for vehicles protection

Our vehicle optronics solutions for threat detection provide acoustic shot detection, laser warning and grenade launch capabilities for the full spectrum of military vehicle platforms.

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