Gemalto Identity Management SystemThe staggering number of citizens rendered invisible to public agencies by the absence of an official ID includes:

  • over one billion people worldwide,
  • over half the population of Africa,
  • and more than one third are children.

The scale of the problem has been recognized by leading global stakeholders. Notably, the World Bank is investing in Digital ID schemes in 43 countries over the next ten years. The initiative is part of the ID4D (Identity for Development) campaign, also backed by the UN, which has itself set the target of everyone on the planet having a legal identity by 2030.

For governments, a universal ID program is essential to facilitate accurate planning of public services, and comprehensive social inclusion strategies. Such foundational identity also eliminates the need for individual bodies, such as those responsible for health and welfare, to continually repeat enrollment procedures.

In this context Thales is launching a modular, scalable and interoperable Identity solution to provide a unique identity for all registries, including CRVS (Civil Registration & Vital Statistic), population databases, voter registers, travel document databases, and more. We call it the "Identity Management System", IDMS. 

Thanks to IDMS, our customers, such as governments and state agencies, can register and authenticate their population ensuring people are who they claim to be. By providing the framework for the transparent and effective delivery of identity verification services, we help them slash fraud and drive innovation.

Governments and agencies can then change the way services are delivered, target social programs, improve election process, pay pensions, collect taxes, and improve security. 

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