​​​​ Voting processes

Stronger voter authentication

Securing voter authentication for more transparency.

The voting process is still predominantly manual and paper-based. As a result, it is often labor-intensive, time-consuming, and vulnerable to fraud.

However, modern technology can deliver significant improvements such as speed and reliability to a critical phase of an election process: voter authentication just before a ballot is cast.

For election commissions, numerous benefits can be reaped from the modernization of authentication methods. In particular, they can:

  • Take advantage of investment in enrollment campaigns, leveraging biometrics to improve voter check-in at polling stations on the day of an election
  • Ensure the "one voter, one vote" principle and therefore enhance the credibility of elections
  • Provide additional tools to validate election results
  • Generate electronic audits and reports
  • Discourage opposition groups from contesting election results

 ​3 questions we can help answer

The Gemalto Mobile Voter Authentication Terminal is an easy-to-use, handheld, high-performance Android-based device that provides an efficient and reliable method of authentication at voting stations.

The Terminal will help answer these 3 key questions:

  • Is the voter registered on the electoral list?
  • Is the voter the person he or she claims to be?
  • Has the person in question already voted?

 For more on voter authentication and biometrics for elections​, please read our report on "one man, one vote"​.