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Thales helps electoral commissions ensure voters’ equality: “one person, one identity, one vote”

  • Thales is a worldwide leader in voter registration and verification with 15 systems already deployed.
  • The company’s field-proven expertise in ID management and biometric technologies help ensure democratic elections, giving each citizen a voice.
  • Thales’ responsible use of biometrics helps official bodies improve electoral processes.

Thales, a world leader in digital security, has contributed to dozens of complex election programmes demonstrating a strong agility to support demanding election commissions. Each project being unique, Thales offers full customisation to country and customer needs. Over the past few years, Thales has demonstrated a strong commitment to electoral commissions as they strive to build citizens’ trust and ensure fair elections for all.

In election projects, there are common concerns. Are all the eligible citizens registered to vote? Is the electoral register reliable with a unique identity for each voter? To address these challenges, the Thales Gemalto Election Suite offers an integrated, yet modular, identity management solution, to create, update or upgrade national biometric electoral systems and facilitate voter identification on election day. Thanks to biometric registration and verification solutions - based on people’s unique characteristics - the system ensures essential voter equality: one person, one identity, one vote. Election commissions can also rely on Thales cybersecurity and data protection expertise to build a trusted environment for citizens to register and vote securely.

In addition, Thales is able to build new biometric electoral registers from scratch when necessary. This involves a registration campaign to ensure all eligible people can claim their voting rights. Such programmes are supported by field-proven mobile registration solutions that help reach remote people in rural locations.

Worldwide electoral commissions can rely on Thales to deliver citizens with tailor-made, secure voter registration and verification. Our experts are on hand to transfer skills and responsibilities to local partners. Thales election expertise is part of our mission to help build a better, safer, and more sustainable world where everyone has access to a secure and trusted identity” said Youzec Kurp VP Identity & Biometrics Solutions.

Vanessa Viala - Digital Identity & Security Press Officer
+33 6 07 34 00 34