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UAS Traffic Management

Products & Infrastructures

UTM is more than just an app.

We’re building an integrated, aviation-grade and cybersecure solution that allows secure and optimized airspace access for drones. 

TopSky – UAS incorporates best-in-class technologies that have been developed based on decades of our leadership in air traffic management TopSky - ATC is trusted in more than 85 countries and in use to control 40% of the world’s airspace. Our comprehensive solution includes software, infrastructure and services aligned to the safety process. From one component to an end-to-end solution, TopSky – UAS will always be adapted to your specific needs. 

As a leader in cybersecurity, we monitor internal and external vulnerabilities and measure overall system security against standardized security controls and protocols. Our solutions are NIST-800-53 compliant. 

We can also integrate counter-UAS solutions that will detect unauthorized UAS in an area and intercept them. 

Discover our products

TopSky - UAS Airspace Manager, a cloud-based platform for UTM  
  • Helps ANSPs / local aviation authority reduce their workload by automating job approval requests whenever possible and master emergency situations (coordinate a Search & Rescue mission, close areas to drone traffic, complete or cancel impacted missions and ensure that the order has been received by the pilots of drones) and record data for analysis in the event of an investigation. Allows to manage emergencies: if an area must be suddenly closed for a manned aviation mission, it is possible to create a "no fly zone" on the application, or even cancel or revoke the planned drone missions, while ensuring that the drone has received the order to land. 

  • Helps civil authorities manage operating clearances and maintain secure airspace, while relieving them from a huge manual administrative workload to respond to clearance requests, and the need for additional personnel to manage these answers.  

  • Helps drone operators create missions (thanks to its interfacing with a Thales’ or a partner’ solution), gain rapid access to airspace, and execute their missions safely and efficiently, by receiving automated approvals from authorities for drone flight missions over restricted areas.  

  • TopSky - UAS Airspace Manager includes a module that analyses drone missions and exports the KPIs thus generated in reports. 

TopSky – UAS Tracker, built from our expertise in ATC 
  • Enables a comprehensive view of manned and unmanned air traffic by fusing multiple sources of surveillance, including primary and secondary radars. TopSky – UAS Tracker is based on tracking and data fusion algorithms certified to ensure manned aircraft separation. It has been enhanced with drone tracking capabilities to handle co-operative and non-cooperative UAS.   

  • Monitors the latency and the performance of the surveillance chain to ensure the level of data quality required to perform the See and Avoid function, through electronic observation systems. 

  • Provides a comprehensive air-situation through an HMI or through APIs, to UAS operators, ATC, other USSPs…  

  • Relies on infrastructure elements dedicated to surveillance: radars, drone trackers, etc. 

TopSky - UAS Hypervision, end-to-end monitoring system to guarantee the safety case 
  • We are one of the only UTM providers to offer this product which fits perfectly into a complete drone traffic management solution.  

  • Monitors the status of the system and enables stakeholders to have a full and continuous visibility in the network for fast intervention in case of failure : physical and software infrastructure, performance, CNS and UTM application  

TopSky – UAS C2 Link Manager for continuous connection and control of drones flying BVLOS

Some drones are controlled using radio frequencies.

TopSky – UAS C2 Link Manager will ensure that C2 is maintained during entire missions by:

  • Allocating some bandwidth to each drone, ensuring that there are enough resources for all drones flying at the same time
  • Establishing a secure data tunnel between the drone and the Ground Control Station when starting its mission, ensuring constant capability to command the drone
  • Managing the hand-over between several ground radios, when the drone moves along its flight path Skystation C2
TopSky – UAS Onboarding registers your drones within a system  


It allows drone operators to register themselves and their UAS through the platform. We can provide a local or national registry system or integrate with existing registries. 

Infrastructure to support ATM

Surveillance infrastructure 

 Remaining well clear from manned aviation when performing BVLOS operations requires surveillance infrastructure and electronic means of observation. Thales can provide primary and secondary radars to detect manned aviation as well as drone trackers to detect drones and to visualize them in TopSky – UAS Airspace Manager.  

  • Drone trackers: Several technologies (FLARMS, cellular, drone ADS-B…) can be used to track UAS and Thales will provide you with the most adapted solution.    

  • Primary and secondary sensors to know manned aircraft positions in the sky. All VFR flights are not equipped with ADS-B. Thales will support you in assessing the air risk and defining the most appropriate strategy to ensure high quality surveillance in the riskiest areas.  

Communication infrastructure 

Air/Ground communication infrastructure is one of the key pillars for safe and routine BVLOS operations. Thales can deploy ground radio stations to ensure the Command and Control function of drones.