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Global eSIMs & iSIMs market 2024-2028

Thales has been recognized as the #1 eSIM/iSIM Platform Provider in Juniper Research's Global eSIMs & iSIMs market 2024-2028 report, amongst an impressive peer group of 18 companies.

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eSIM subscription activation on Samsung Gear S2

This demo showcases the simplicity of managing cellular subscriptions on wearable devices, using Thales' On-Demand Connectivity solution, and an eSIM (embedded SIM or eUICC) inside a Samsung Gear S2.

Subscription Activation on Samsung Gear S2
tel-wp-best-practices-eSIM.jpg 2024

Best practices for optimizing eSIM adoption

Learning lessons from successful Mobile Network Operators worldwide

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Subscription Manager - SMDS Connect (infographic)

Maximize eSIM activation of eSIM devices. An overview of the smart router: a single contact point to reach and activate a maximum number of eSIM devices. (Infographic)

SMDS Connect infographic [PDF - 500kb]

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