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Automated database-driven Airspace and EnRoute data design

TopSky – Airspace Design by CGX AERO

Automated database-driven Airspace and EnRoute data design

It allows the design and modeling of Airspace and Route tracks directly in the aeronautical database.

The component provides an automated display and editing of conventional and RNAV capability. It supports the sensor coverage analysis (DME/DMME…), data validation of all against aeronautical data business rules and provides automated reports for AIP publication 

It implements the airspace and enroute design as per ICAO PANS-OPS design recommendations and requirement (Annex 11: Traffic Services, ICAO Doc 8168 volume 2: Aircraft Operations – Construction of Visual and Instrument Flight Procedures). 

It provides complete features supporting the Annex 15 and PANS-AIM requirement with regards to traceability, metadata, scenario building design and workflow based- quality assurance approach