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Thales TopSky – ATC is the world’s most advanced air traffic control automation solution, designated to control en route, approach and oceanic traffic, both in civil and military environments. Customers have come to rely high performance, high availability, fail-safe, adaptable and modular TopSky-ATC to ensure safe and efficient airspace operations. It is the world’s most advanced air traffic control system.

Designed by controllers for controllers, TopSky – ATC enables them, as well as technicians, to have:

  • Innovative and intuitive access to flight information
  • Accurate and real-time tracking for faster and better decisions
  • Efficient tools for enhanced detection and resolution of conflicts
  • Integrated sequencing and optimization capabilities
  • A robust reliable and easy to maintain system

Thales is playing a leading role in SESAR and NextGen developments which ensures that TopSky – ATC is not only compliant with international and European standards, but also constantly introducing the latest innovations and capabilities within the product roadmap.

This field-proven ATC system is used to control more than 100 FIRs and 40% of the world’s airspace. Trusted in more than 85 countries, it is the most widely-deployed and flexible ATC automation system in the world. It can be adapted to the client’s needs including the complexity of the environment and interfacing to existing systems. Due to its expertise, Thales can ensure a smooth transition and on-time delivery.

Thales leverages its global expertise in cyber security to offer solutions tailored to the client’s needs when operating TopSky – ATC. By reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gases emission, Thales TopSky – ATC also answers tomorrow’s challenges for a greener environment and the need for cost savings.

FIRs controlled by TopSky- ATC