We work closely with our customers to define the future needs of homeland security and the protection of critical national infrastructure using technologies such as secure communication systems, encryption technology, command and control systems and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear solutions.

With 40 years of expertise and over 400 cyber and security specialists, Thales UK has unrivalled experience across the cyber spectrum, working for civil and military customers. For example, our proven expertise in secure network communications safeguards 3.7 billion BACS transactions – worth around £1 trillion – every year.
  • Thales Cyber & Consulting
    Since the founding of our consultancy business in 1989, we have delivered the highest standard of technical and business change consultancy to clients who work in the most complex technical and regulated environments…
  • Digital Trust
    Customers are demanding more connected devices, and, often this means connecting to unsecure or untrusted networks of opportunity in order to provide services…
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