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Pepephone adds Thales Eco-SIM to offer a sustainable alternative to its customers

•    Thales will supply Pepephone, brand of MASMOVIL group, with SIM cards ecologically manufactured using materials extracted from recycled fridges.
•    From now on, all Pepephone SIM cards will incorporate this green technology and every time a customer contracts a mobile line, he/she will be contributing to create a more sustainable world.

Pepephone has opted for the integration of the new Thales Eco-SIM for its customers, a product made from 100% recycled plastic from the inside parts of refrigerators.
In its commitment to the environment, being MASMOVIL also the first Telecom company to obtain the certificate of zero net carbon emissions and the first in Europe to be a B Corp company, Pepephone has opted for this solution fully aligned with the company's sustainability values.

Thales, in its ongoing quest for eco-designed and sustainable solutions, is aware that more than 4.5 billion SIM cards are produced each year, which amounts to 20,000 tons of plastic, the equivalent of two Eiffel Towers. It has therefore teamed up with Veolia, a world leader in eco-transformation, to launch this innovation in 2020.

The Eco-SIM is made from 100% recycled polystyrene recovered from old refrigerators. By offering a second life to refrigerator inside parts, Thales has facilitated an eco-friendly plastic supply stream with this innovation, which is now incorporated by Pepephone.

Moreover, Thales' carbon offset program also ensures that its innovative "green SIM" is certified as” Carbon neutral3”. As a result, this new project supports Pepephone's sustainability strategy, whose core values include caring for the environment.

With the Eco SIM Thales has created a separate and exclusive green plastic supply flow to guarantee the supply of cards to our customers.

“At Pepephone we are convinced that we must go one step further and be the best not only by taking care of our customers, but also of our environment. We are therefore delighted to be pioneers in Spain with this type of card and to continue to demonstrate this commitment," said Guillermo Soto, Operations Manager at Pepephone.


"As a technology company, we are very proud to be able to facilitate Pepephone's compliance with its sustainability strategy with 100% recycled technology," Begoña Martinez, Commercial Director of Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales in Spain. "Making innovations for a more sustainable world and facilitating the fulfillment of the SDGs is one of our priorities at Thales, while supporting our customers in this regard."