Thales offers stronger defence through superior situational awareness

Thales UK equips ground, air and maritime forces in a global market. We offer defence customers state-of-the-art situational awareness and operability with our products:

  • Sonar
  • Radar
  • Unmanned air systems
  • Electronic warfare – land and naval
  • Avionics
  • Communications
  • Advanced weapons
  • Services & Training

Our equipment, systems and services give deployed forces the means to gain and maintain decision-making and operational superiority in any circumstances.

Airborne and Unmanned Air systems

Thales UK systems help customers to understand their environment and make better informed decisions. We offer end-to-end solutions to meet the rapidly evolving needs of combined armed forces, from individual sensors to complete, deployable systems.

Thales is a leader in the fast growing market of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). We have over 40 years of experience in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance innovation on which we have built our UAS systems and services. We have delivered Europe’s largest UAS programme, Watchkeeper, and are leading the development of future UAS capabilities. 

Maritime systems

Thales provides the eyes and ears of the Royal Navy and many other navies globally through operationally proven sonar, radar, optronic masts and periscopes and electronic warfare.

We are also leaders in naval prime contract management, systems integration, command information systems, above-water sensors, and support services, with a customer base encompassing more than 400 warships in 50 navies.

Land systems

Thales UK provides the full spectrum of capabilities for border or battlefield surveillance, armoured vehicle and soldier systems, ranging from individual sensors to fully integrated, deployable systems. 

Training and simulation

Thales partners defence and civil organisations around the globe to provide world class training and simulation products and services.

Thales communications

Thales is a world leader for tactical radios and on board communication solutions for land, air and naval forces, ranging from the latest Squadnet radio to the communications suite for the Royal Navy’s new Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers.

Advanced weapons solutions

Thales is the only company in Europe providing armed forces with a full range of solutions from early warning to threat neutralisation. Thales is the prime contractor for advanced air and missile defence capabilities to NATO forces and other defence forces globally.

The Thales UK STARStreak weapons system provides the UK with its VSHORAD capability defeating air targets whenever and wherever it is required.  The Lightweight Multi-role Missile (LMM) is designed to defeat targets in the Maritime, Land and Air environments.

  • Maritime Systems UK
    Thales’s skills in naval prime is reflected in a customer base that encompasses over 50 navies and more than 400 warships.
  • Land Systems UK
    Military operations require a seamless, co-ordinated approach, making full and integrated use of armoured vehicles with soldiers.
  • Air Systems UK
    Thales’s systems in the UK help customers to understand their environment and make better informed decisions in situations of high criticality.
  • Advanced Weapons Systems UK
    Thales develops, manufactures and provides a full range of solutions from early warning to threat neutralisation, at all levels from very short-range systems to extended air defence.
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