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In Security, governments, institutions and large global companies rely on Thales to design and deliver solutions that protect states, cities and critical infrastructure in an increasingly unpredictable world, with emerging threats through the cyberspace. From helping cities and critical infrastructures become safer and smarter, to securing global financial markets and protecting sensitive data to keeping security forces connected on critical missions, we ensure integrity of the technologies that keep our world moving, staying one step ahead of all forms of digital threat and enhancing life for all.
Incorporating the talent and technologies of Gemalto,  Thales offers an unrivalled portfolio of digital identity and security solutions based on technologies such as biometry, data protection, and, more broadly, cybersecurity. Thales will thus provide a seamless response to customers, including critical infrastructure providers such as banks, telecom operators, government agencies, utilities and other industries as they step up to the challenges of identifying people and objects and keeping data secure. Whatever it takes.


States, cities, institutions and international corporations must protect themselves against threats such as cyber-attacks. We secure critical infrastructures, global financial markets and sensitive data, and ensure availability of necessary information in decisive moments.

Today’s world is subject to many different kinds of threats. Terrorism and Internet-based crime are on the rise, and the danger of natural catastrophes and epidemics is growing. In daily life, people are becoming increasingly mobile, both at work and in their free time. Around the world, airports and public venues have never before seen such large numbers of people. The volume of digital data traffic is also growing continuously, as is the need for secure channels for transactions and sensitive data. Against this backdrop, physical and virtual security is of central importance, to protect people, capital assets, infrastructure and data. Mission-critical systems must be scalable and available around the clock to match the increase in data traffic volume. Security and protection systems are no longer optional, but are more the backbone of our infrastructure. The technologies Thales offers for networked security make effective management possible for police forces in normal situations, but especially under exceptional circumstances, which can be highly varied and unpredictable – ranging from local incidents to national crises.

Safety and security expertise

The English language distinguishes between “safety”, which concerns itself with procedures and methods, and “security”, as protection against external threats. Thales combines its many years of tried and tested expertise from both areas into integrated total solutions. We offer solutions for the surveillance and security of “green” and “blue” borders and for border control. Another focus lies on securing critical infrastructure, a subject for which we are uniquely qualified due to our experience in the protection of civil and military facilities – for example at air or sea ports or rail facilities. For maritime security, Thales Germany offers tailor-made solutions for ship traffic management, harbour surveillance, and coastguard systems.  This portfolio of products and services for public security is complemented by a wide range of programmes for training and simulation and an extensive range of other services.

Control centres

For public safety authorities and organisations, Thales supplies package solutions for prevention and control of catastrophes and emergencies. In an emergency situation, the services of the different incident response teams must be coordinated in order to provide the most effective response. Control, situation and operations centres and emergency management systems from Thales Germany make pinpoint coordination of all involved parties possible in the first place.

Our solutions ensure that decision-makers can master complex circumstances even in critical situations, and can pro-actively make the decisions that will produce the best results.

Key management

For 20 years, we have been involved in cryptology and key management, making us a reliable partner for our customers in this sensitive field. Our products and services range from theoretical analyses and studies to concrete programmes and products. All system components can be flexibly expanded to meet future requirements. In the context of the European Galileo programme, Thales provides German technology for data transmission systems.


Cyber security

Thales Germany provides modular and flexible solutions for public safety customers, allowing them to effectively combat cyber crime and terrorism. Potential threats from the Internet are efficiently countered by anticipation, prevention and prompt responses to attacks. We offer services such as 24/7 surveillance of IT systems by a cyber operations centre, and organise training and simulation sessions to test and validate response plans when necessary.

Protection for critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructures are organisations or institutions of existential national importance, such as public and industrial facilities for transport, traffic, telecommunications, administration or supply. Loss or disruption of such facilities due to natural disasters, technical malfunctions and/or human error, or deliberate actions motivated by terrorist or other criminal purposes can lead to supply bottlenecks or disruptions in public security. In protecting against such incidents, Thales Germany has made a name for itself with effective security solutions. These include integrated solutions for access controls and identification of possible intruders and the prevention of unauthorised access to buildings and grounds by individuals or vehicles. Our solutions ensure that decision-makers can master complex circumstances even in critical situations, and proactively make the decisions necessary to produce the best results.