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Milipol 2023

14-17 November 2023
Hall 5A n° 5 M 144 -
Paris Nord Villepinte, France

Thales will be present at Milipol to showcase innovative technological solutions that enable the Observe, Orient, Decide and Act loop to be speeded up, in order to keep people and infrastructure safe.

At the heart of security for major events

As a key player in the global security ecosystem, we support governments, local authorities, institutions and business in protecting states, cities, critical infrastructures and cyberspace against ever more unpredictable and sophisticated risks from terrorism, organised crime and cyberattacks.

Keeping citizens safe, and preventing potential attacks, whether physical or cyber, will be the main focus of Thales presence at Milipol 2023.

From surveillance, data collection to decision making and training, our solutions accompany our customers along the OODA loop ( Observe, Orient, Decide, Act), helping to rapidly gather data, and evaluate it to be able to take the most appropriate action faster.

Live from the show

Thales at Milipol 2023

Four dedicated zones with solution experts ready to answer your questions and explain the value-add of our technologies.
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Safe events in the city

Thales provides a vast portfolio of solutions to ensure the security of large sports venues and urban security challenges.

Discover our range of solutions from malicious UAV surveillance and neutralisation, to crowd management, strategic command solutions and forensic investigation tools for security forces and the police.

Safer, smarter borders

We focus on developing solutions, which ensure operations are not only safe, but compliant with existing legislation.

As a major global actor in the aviation community, we provide a broad range of technical solutions for drone manufacturers and drone operators to support ever increasingly challenging drone operations, at scale.

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Cyber solutions and services 

In a world that is increasingly fast-moving, unpredictable and full of opportunities, “digital transformation” now permeates every aspect of business activities and citizens’ daily lives.

As the European leader in cyber security and the worldwide leader in data protection, Thales addresses the entire information security lifecycle, the cornerstone of digital trust.

Thales helps secure the digital transformation of the most demanding government bodies, private enterprise and critical infrastructure providers.

Training in real-life situations

Our dynamic training solutions for police forces simulate a wide variety of situations while ensuring unrivalled fidelity and irrefutable debriefings.

Whether conducting target shooting or force-on-force exercises, training with or without ammunition, using firearms or explosive ordnance, operating in dedicated terrain or real critical infrastructure, our solutions adapt to your  scenarios.

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The forensic zone at Milipol

Come and meet us at the Thales forensic zone.

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