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Join Thales at the Singapore Defense Technology Summit

The world of defence technology is rapidly evolving and we're excited to show you how we're innovating for the battlefields of tomorrow. From building smarter military bases that tap on digital technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, to leveraging cloud technology to bring armed forces unrivaled connectivity on the battlefield, Thales is designing smart solutions that protect states, cities and critical infrastructures.

Hear Our Executives Speak

15th October, 1200 SGT - Tech Showcase
Join our Group Chief Technology Officer and Senior VP, Dr Bernhard Quendt  at the Tech Showcase where he will share more on our Defence Cloud solutions and how Thales is pushing the boundaries of the battle frontier with reliable, flexible, and disruptive technology.

15th October, 2100SGT  - Summary Plenary
Hear our Thales CEO and Chairman Patrice Caine speak at the event’s summary plenary. The summary plenary will examine strategies that governments, industries and technology start-ups could adopt to build confidence and resilience in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.

Discover Our Solutions


Unlocking Limitless Possibilities with Quantum

Quantum technology promises to bring about a technological revolution. Recognising its limitless possibilities, Thales has been innovating in this field to produce sleek, intuitive technology with unrivalled accuracy, reliability, and security.  
  • From the remote corners of the globe to space, our quantum communications solutions will bring you systems that are more flexible and sensitive than ever before.  
  • In a world of ever-evolving digital threats, quantum algorithms keep you prepared for any challenge. 
  • With quantum cryptography, you can be confident that sensitive data lands only in the right hands. 

Learn more about our work in quantum and watch this video to discover the risk and cryptography in times of quantum computers.


Revolutionising the Digital Battlefield

Leveraging the latest virtualization and orchestration technologies, our Defence Cloud provides forces with private cloud infrastructure that is cyber-secure and tailored to their unique requirements. 

From crucial command centres to remote theatres of operations, our flexible solutions enable information sharing and analysis across all terrains and all your crucial moments to help you maintain your operational edge. 

Learn more about our Defence Cloud and how it can optimise your mission logistics and help you achieve greater operational efficiency and agility even in constrained environments. 


Keeping Special Operation Forces Challenge-Ready

Circumstances on the battlefield change rapidly and Special Operations Forces need to be equipped with gear that helps them adapt to any environment with ease and agility. With our innovative solutions, we’re giving you the tactical edge you need to keep ahead of the curve. 

Our solutions include: 

Delivering Excellence in Critical Moments

In a world that is increasingly fast moving and unpredictable, our mission-critical network and infrastructure systems are delivering more: more broadband, more mobility, more reliability, more interoperability, and more security.

Combining a unique diversity of expertise, talents and cultures, our architects design and deliver extraordinary high technology solutions that put the right information in the right hands with the highest degree of reliability. 

From infrastructure networks to tactical next-gen communications systems, learn more about how our mission-critical communications technology can enable you to make decisions with confidence.


Securing Evolving Skies

Defence forces face an ever-changing host of threats from the skies and we are committed to helping them stay ready for any challenge. With extensive expertise in the aerospace industry, we draw upon global talent to design innovative solutions in flight control, navigation, communications, and surveillance, to keep you on the cutting edge.

Built to the highest standards, our solutions provide manufacturers with the systems they need in the following areas:


Driving Innovation on the Ground

To keep land defence forces ready in the face of rapid technological developments, Thales offers a whole range of information, operational and communications tools. With our strong investment in research and development and our expertise in command and control systems, we’re arming our partners with tools designed for excellence, reliability, and accuracy.  

Our comprehensive C4ISR systems offerings for land forces include:


Smarter Solutions at Sea

Under and above water, we’re supporting naval forces in their mission to keep the seas safe. Covering a wide range of services and functions, we provide comprehensive solutions that help you manage complex threats and operations in rapidly evolving circumstances.

With extensive expertise in cybersecurity, defence, and maritime systems, we’re helping you stay prepared on every level.

Our services include: