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The best tools for command and intelligence

Our command and intelligence tools:

  • Rapidly exploit information
  • Provide a common tactical picture
  • Support decision-making

Commander is our Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C4I) solution that is based on an open architecture and hosts the following:

  • Operational information systems
  • Tactical communications

MINDS is our multi-sensor image interpretation and dissemination system. It is a key element of air operations and features the following: 

  • Data production for RECCE, ground surveillance and targeting
  • Real-time digital acquisition 
  • Scalability

NIES is our networked image exploitation system that enables our customers to: 

  • Gain a picture of the battlefield in all types of light wavelengths
  • Share resources and situational awareness

DMPS is our digital mapping tool that enables our customers to: 

  • Create 3D object extractions
  • Process images geometrically or radiometrically
  • Manage project data