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From post-quantum cryptography to seamless connectivity and 5G security, find out how Thales enables a secure connected world

  • Thales actively contributes to making the world not just more connected, but also cyber-secured from the edge to the core - a testament to its unwavering dedication in building secure solutions for a connected world.
  • With more than 650 customers relying on Thales connectivity solutions every day, Thales enables a successful journey towards the digital era, as it simplifies IoT deployment with eSIM-based technology, maximizes 5G security, and anticipates post-quantum threats with cutting-edge encryption.
  • Thales remains committed to pioneering solutions that not only push the boundaries of innovation but also ensure a secure and resilient digital landscape for billions of people and devices relying on its technology worldwide.

Thales, a global leader in digital security, continues to advance its mission of securing data and identities for billions of people and objects in the connected world. Ranging from consumer devices to smart cars, Thales expertise supports the telecom industry on its road to 5G deployment with scalable, secure, and sustainable solutions. This year at the Mobile World Congress, Thales showcases its expertise around four major focuses:

Revolutionizing eSIM Management: In an accelerating digital world, the game is changing: subscribers want more flexible and bespoke experiences that meet their needs. The eSIM technology enables new use cases that reinvent how to engage customers and offer them new services by emphasizing optimal connectivity experience. Discover Thales solutions that help capture new business possibilities by attracting subscribers in new ways and developing connectivity offers.

Simplifying IoT Deployments: Massive IoT deployments need effective connectivity and cybersecurity management, which frequently result in manufacturing, logistical, and operational issues. Thales improves any IoT journey (from connected devices to connected cars) with an all-in-one solution that overcomes existing technology limits to ensure IoT deployments are simpler, safe and robust, while preserving flexibility of choice throughout the device's lifespan.

Leading the Change in 5G Security: As the mobile industry embraces the transformative power of 5G, Thales stands at the forefront, ensuring that security is not compromised in the pursuit of connectivity. Thales leverages its extensive expertise to provide scalable and robust security solutions, contributing to the growth and adoption of 5G technologies globally. Whatever it addresses 5G private network or 5G non-terrestrial network, Thales’ security-by-design approach enables the technology to unleash wide range of new businesses.

Pioneering Post-Quantum Cryptography: Acknowledging the future challenges posed by quantum computing, Thales pioneers post-quantum cryptography. By staying ahead of the curve, Thales reinforces its commitment to long-term data security, developing solutions that are resilient against emerging quantum threats.

“As we showcase our latest innovations at the Mobile World Congress, we reaffirm our commitment to securing the evolving landscape of mobile and IoT connectivity. From fortifying 5G security to facilitating eSIM management and leading post-quantum cryptography, we are dedicated to bringing secure solutions for a connected world. Join us on this transformative journey as we set new benchmarks for the new use cases the industry brings, ensuring that every connection is not just seamless but secured against the challenges of our digital era” said Eva Rudin, VP Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales.

This year, the Software République' s concept car will be demonstrated at the GSMA Pavilion, Hall 4, Booth F30. Feel free to stop by and learn how Thales is bringing security and convenience to Smart Mobility.

About Thales

Thales (Euronext Paris: HO) is a global leader in advanced technologies within three domains: Defence & Security, Aeronautics & Space, and Digital Identity & Security. It develops products and solutions that help make the world safer, greener and more inclusive.

The Group invests close to €4 billion a year in Research & Development, particularly in key areas such as quantum technologies, Edge computing, 6G and cybersecurity.

Thales has 77,0001 employees in 68 countries. In 2022, the Group generated sales of €17.6 billion.

1 Excluding the Transport business