Thales backs NSW ambition in Digital Innovation

Thales Australia is backing the NSW Government’s ambition to be the digital capital of the Southern Hemisphere with a commitment to develop in Sydney world leading digital control, communication and signalling systems for transport services.

Thales’ Australian headquarters is in Sydney and the company already employs almost 1000 people in western Sydney across several sites.

Thales is a world leader in digital security and transport systems and a major provider of digital communications and control systems for the Sydney Metro.

Thales Australia CEO Chris Jenkins welcomed the NSW Government ambition to foster digital innovation.

“This is incredibly exciting for the many innovative companies operating in this state. To back the NSW ambition we are committed to establishing a digital innovation lab in western Sydney to develop digital solutions for public transport.”

“Our aim is to draw on the global strength of Thales in digital transport systems and tailor those solutions for the needs of NSW Transport. Digital technology goes to the heart of how Sydney functions. Our efforts will focus on the Metro, Light Rail, Transport cyber security and digital rail signalling technologies which are so important to enhancing the everyday lives and customer journey experiences of the people of NSW and the greater Sydney area.”

“It's never been more important that our public transport systems are protected with the highest levels of cyber security, which Thales delivers to public transport operators around the world.

“The Digital Innovation Lab will continue to grow smart jobs in western Sydney, enhancing our existing team of world-class engineers and software developers already based in our Transport business.

“We look forward to continuing to support the incredible investment NSW is making in transport infrastructure and the state’s ambition to be a world leader in digital innovation.”

Chris Jenkins, CEO Thales Australia