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Thales in Japan


Thales has been present in Japan for over 50 years, with over 150 employees located across 2 main sites in Akasaka and Hachioji today.

The Group supports the Japanese Self-Defence Force for the operational readiness across air, land and sea. 

Thales’ Inflight Entertainment (IFE) systems are equipped onboard Japan Airlines’ Boeing 787, 767 and 777 fleets, keeping passengers entertained on both international and domestic routes.

Thales’ Digital Identity & Security business supports a wide portfolio of customers in Japan with solutions in Cloud Protection & Licensing, Banking & Payments, Mobile Connectivity, Identity & Biometrics, Analytics and IoT.

Thales is also a strong partner to the local scientific and medical industry, supplying a wide range of lasers, special optics, radio-frequency power components and microwave tubes, as well as technologies for systems involving imaging detectors.

Over 50 years of presence in Japan
Over 150 employees in Japan
Key locations across Japan

Local cooperation

In Japan, Thales works with over 500 Japanese partners and suppliers, ranging from large enterprises to SMEs. This operating strategy  focuses on partnering with these organisations to address the needs for scientific, security, medical, spatial and various industrial applications. 

Thales has also cultivated relationships with universities and research centres, including the Japanese research institute RIKEN (RIKEN Spring-8 Centre) which commissioned Thales to develop and install two intense 500 Terawatt laser beam lines in support of fundamental research in material physics, as well as in medical applications.

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Driving the operational readiness of the Japanese Self-Defence forces

Thales partners with the Japanese Self-Defence Force to provide top of the line equipment, boosting the military’s operational capabilities for effective defence missions. 

For the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF), Thales supplies optronics, radars and sonar technologies for surface ships, submarines and aircraft. 

The Japan Ground Self-Defence Force leverages Thales’ Bushmaster protected vehicles manufactured in Australia.

Japan has been lauded by the JMSDF for its continuous support to modernising and supporting the Japanese forces.

Accelerating Japan’s digital transformation

Thales provides a wide range of digital identity and security solutions for both government and civilian markets.

Many Japanese financial institutions, including Dai Nippon Printing, Japan Net Bank, Shinkin Bank, and Toppan Printing rely on Thales for online and in-story payment transactions. Automotive Solutions are available to support car manufacturers (OEMs), equipment suppliers (Tier 1 and 2), and drivers via Automotive Connectivity and Cybersecurity

Thales’ biometric technology includes solutions such as Live Face Identification System (LFIS).  Document readers have already been deployed at major airports to read new passports for Japanese citizens and hotels for inbound tourists. In addition, Thales’ cloud protection and licensing solutions allow organisations to transfer data to the cloud in a secure manner. 

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Integrating systems for safer skies in Japan

Thales is a global leader in aerospace, with its in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems used widely across airlines in the Asia-Pacific region, including Japan Airlines’ fleets. The Android-based AVANT Thales IFE system is found on the airline’s Boeing 767, 777 and 787 aircraft, serving domestic and international routes. Connecting individuals while entertaining and providing integral information, Thales’ holistic IFE solutions make for a highly-tailored flying experience for any passenger.

Advancing scientific research in industries

Thales provides sub-systems and components for scientific and industrial applications. In Japan, Thales also supplies opto-mechanical products to support research on light within astronomy and in space.

Research lasers, cryocoolers, bespoke optical systems and radio frequency (RF) join the areas in which Thales in Japan services. In 2013, Japanese research institute RIKEN awarded the Group with a contract to develop and install two beam lines to advance research in fields of physics and medicine. 

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Supporting space exploration

Thales contributes to the Japanese space industry with state-of-the-art on-board equipment and systems and ground systems to major Japanese space programmes, including the Aeronautical Mission Payload System for Air Traffic Control, Satellite Ground Earth Station and TTC Systems in Multi-Functional Transport Satellites (MTSAT) space programs.

Thales in Japan is seeking to further contribute to the country’s space development in areas including earth observation, navigation, telecommunications, science and space-based defence systems. 

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