Thales UK technology: delivering solutions for the maritime operational environment

Thales in the UK enjoys a strong maritime heritage. Our core skills are reflected in a customer base of more than 50 navies globally, including the Royal Navy.

Our core skills include:
  • Prime contract management
  • Systems integration
  • Command information systems
  • Sensors
  • Electronic warfare
  • Communications
  • Support services
From navies and coast guards to search and rescue teams, maritime authorities face demanding and evolving tasks. Today’s maritime landscape is increasingly challenging, with growing threats, from illegal trafficking and piracy to cyber attacks and regional conflict.Thales in the UK offers solutions to these threats in a number of key maritime areas.

Delivering naval systems to the UKs most powerful new warships

A founding member of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, Thales in the UK is playing a defining role in designing and delivering the Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carriers, the largest and most powerful surface warships ever constructed in the UK.

Advanced underwater systems

Thales’s sonar expertise covers everything from advanced acoustic arrays to sophisticated signal processing architectures. We deliver the world’s most advanced Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) sonar to the Royal Navy.

Sensor technology for the above water environment

Thales’s breadth of expertise extends to above-water sensors and data connectivity technology, including long and medium range radar and the latest electro-optical sensor systems. These  provide essential situational awareness, threat warning, targeting support and tactical intelligence.

Maritime safety and security

By combining non-lethal weapons, container security and perimeter protection systems, Thales in the UK protects maritime assets and combats threats.

Autonomous Systems

Thales in the UK is a leader in the development of autonomous systems in the Maritime environment for both commercial and military purposes.

Customer services and support

Thales supports navies around the world with systems maintenance, operator and maintainer training services, and procurement, providing cost effective through-life support. Thales in the UK has signed a 10-year contract with the UK MOD for the in-service support of all the Royal Navy’s major sensor systems.
Navies supplied globally

Aircraft Carrier Alliance

Playing a lead role in the design and construction of the UK’s new aircraft carriers

Thales in the UK is a founding member of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance, working in partnership with Babcock, BAE Systems and the MOD to deliver the largest, most powerful surface warships ever constructed in the UK.

Thales’s proven expertise has played a defining role in the design of the UK’s Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier:
  • Concept design
  • Project management
  • Platform design
  • Weapons systems design
  • Systems integration
Thales led the detailed design team, power and propulsion sub alliance and aviation teams whilst integrating major systems including aircraft lifts, weapons handling and the propulsion systems.

The carriers are also fitted with Thales communications and the S1850M Long Range Radar.

Delivering a complex project on a national scale

This is the largest engineering project in the UK today, involving construction at six shipyards nationwide and hundreds of companies in the supply chain, covering every region of the UK.

The scale of this investment, in particular in design, engineering, project management, procurement and advanced manufacturing skills, will have an enduring positive impact on the UK economy.

The first of class, HMS Queen Elizabeth, has been officially named by HM the Queen and moved to Rosyth for final outfitting and commissioning.

Construction continues on the second carrier, HMS Prince of Wales.