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In Ground Transportation, countries, cities, and transport operators rely on Thales to help them adapt to rapid urbanisation and the change in the way people travel – locally, between cities and across continents. Our expertise in signalling, communications and security gives people and goods the connected journey they deserve to move safely and efficiently. Whatever it takes.



Worldwide, rail and road transport are crucial, both for infrastructural development of entire regions as well as for their economic growth. By means of our main line and urban line systems and services, we optimize safety and performance of rail and road infrastructure worldwide, and contribute to increasing passenger comfort in rail traffic.

Rail and road transportation networks are essential for the development of a national economy. Urbanisation is the driving force behind the rapidly rising demand for transportation services; not only in cities, but also between them and across borders. A whole series of complex conditions need to be satisfied to meet this growing demand. Rail freight traffic growth has been dramatically outpacing passenger traffic. At the same time, there is a need to optimise road transportation and minimise its impact on the environment. Improved integration of the different modes of transportation plays an important role in solving these looming challenges. This is where Thales’ leading-edge solutions make the crucial difference. We help transportation operators realise genuine multi-modal travel and to respond to changing customer needs, for example by providing constant personalised real-time information for trip planning, from the beginning of the trip to the final destination. Personal mobile devices such as smartphones and new fare systems are changing the behaviour and expectations of travellers. For operators, these technologies offer the potential for stronger relationships with customers. More detailed information and user-friendly payment systems offer the prospect of simpler travel.


Global leader for regional and long-distance rail traffic

Thanks to its unmatched ability to execute complex large-scale projects, Thales is a reliable partner when it comes to implementing infrastructure projects. In this case, Thales stands out for its ability to integrate systems into existing infrastructures – even those of other manufacturers. Transportation Systems has a comprehensive portfolio of advanced electronic solutions for transportation applications: ranging from control and rail automation systems to video surveillance systems, communications systems, e-ticketing systems, and passenger information systems. In particular, Thales is one of the world’s leading providers for control and rail automation systems for local and long-distance rail transportation. Our products and solutions for these applications range from operations control centres, which monitor, control and ensure the reliability of the entire network, to route and train control systems such as the European Train Control System (ETCS) and electronic interlocking systems, to field devices such as axle counters, switch drives and signals.

For Thales, service means being the customer’s partner. Constant reflection together with users ensures that our solutions can reliably and efficiently stand up to daily operations.

Innovation as constant inspiration

Thales is capable of quickly and efficiently responding to new developments. The roughly 350 inventions we produce in the area of transportation each year are evidence of this. Over the years, this approach has allowed us to build up a total of more than 12,000 patents. Our customers have access to competence and integration centres around the world.

High quality standards

Transportation Systems has been active in the area of control and rail automation systems for more than 75 years. We are successful in this field because of our expertise in implementing highly complex system integrations. We are active in a wide range of applications and have many years of experience, allowing us to offer integrated total solutions to our customers from a single source. This also includes the introduction of interoperable control and rail automation systems, which allow trains to cross national borders without stopping. High quality standards are the common denominator for all these solutions, which is one of the factors that make Thales a Q1 supplier to Deutsche Bahn AG. 

Prevention as efficient service measure

For Thales, service means being the customer’s partner. Constant reflection together with the users ensures that our solutions can reliably and efficiently stand up to daily operations. As manufacturer, a shared understanding of the potential and imperatives of actual customer needs yields great benefits. The objective is to ensure reliable operation for the entire life cycle of the different technologies customers put to use. With proper foresight and by pro-actively forecasting potential disruptions and carrying out the necessary maintenance work, it is possible to take preventative action, instead of waiting until after a system has failed. This leads to a considerable reduction in operating costs and higher availability for customers.

Information Security

The safe use of information is a fundamental part of everyday life at Thales. For us, information security means not only protecting our information, but the information of our customers. This influences all business processes from communication over the selection of our suppliers to the development of our products. To ensure the security of information, we operate an information security management system (ISMS). The effectiveness of our ISMS has been certified by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with ISO / IEC 27001: 2013.

Uniform traffic management system throughout Europe

ETCS is a component of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) – the standardised transportation management system for European train traffic – which Thales supported with key development contributions. ETCS is intended to replace the various train control systems used in different countries, allowing trains to cross borders without having to change the locomotive. Over the long term, it is to be implemented throughout the entire European rail network. Our ETCS solutions ensure the transfer of information between route control systems and the trains along the entire travel route, allowing operations centres and onboard systems of the trains themselves to constantly track and monitor the permitted speed limits. This allows route capacities to be increased, border delays to be avoided, and travel times shortened. For operators, this translates into considerable cost savings, and for passengers into more pleasant travel by train.

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